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Weapons are used to damage enemy bots, or to heal allies.




Costs: 400 - 125,000 Robit.png
Sell Price: 80 - 31,250 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 240 - 93,750 Robit.png

Lasers are weapons that rapidly fire laser bolts, dealing damage upon direct impact with a bot. They have high accuracy when tap-firing, but lose accuracy if the fire button is held. Their damage drops considerably with range.

Plasma Launcher[]


Plasma Launcher

Costs: 560 - 150,000 Robit.png
Sell Price: 112 - 37,500 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 336 - 112,500 Robit.png

The Plasma Launcher is a type of weapon that fires explosive plasma grenades. These plasma grenades deal high damage in a small area, but deal some AOE (Area of Effect) damage.

Rail Cannon[]



Costs: 720 - 130,000 Robit.png
Sell Price: 144 - 32,500 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 432 - 97,500 Robit.png

The Railgun fires extremely fast projectile shots that deal heavy damage. These projectiles can penetrate through multiple cubes.




Costs: 720 - 6,500 Robit.png
Sell Price: 144 - 1,625 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 432 - 4,875 Robit.png

A nano-tech soft lock weapon that repairs allies. It has short range, can zoom/aim down sights and deals no damage.

Tesla Blade[]


Tesla Blade

Costs: 640 - 6,000 Robit.png
Sell Price: 128 - 1,500 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 384 - 4,500 Robit.png

Tesla Blades are quarter-circle plasma melee arcs with a high damage output, dealing damage on contact with an enemy robot. They can be used alongside the ghost module for stealth assassinations, and when used tactically can kill a bot in a matter of seconds.




Costs: 10,000 Robit.png
Sell Price: 2,500 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 7,500 Robit.png

The Proto-Seeker is a short range harassment weapon with a fast projectile speed. It has a soft-lock on enemy robots, similar to the Nano-Disruptor.

Aeroflak Cannon[]

Aeroflak Cannon.png

Aeroflak Cannon

Costs: 15,000 - 75,000 Robit.png
Sell Price: 3,750 - 18,750 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 11,250 - 56,250 Robit.png

Aeroflak fires explosive anti-air projectiles that detonate when in range of a flying robot. Damage dealt per shot stacks as you hit multiple consecutive shots.

Lock-on Missile Launcher[]


Lock-on Missile Launcher

Costs: 35,000 - 137,500 Robit.png
Sell Price: 8,750 - 34,375 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 26,250 - 103,125 Robit.png

The Lock-on Missile Launcher shoots homing missiles at a single target. They can be fired without lock-on, but will be very inaccurate. Most effective as anti-air.

Ion Cannon[]

Ion Distorter.png

Ion Cannon

Costs: 35,250 - 122,500 Robit.png
Sell Price: 9,063 - 30,625 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 27,189 - 91,875 Robit.png

A short ranged weapon that shoots a spread of pellets in a shotgun-like fashion. Deals very high damage at close range.




Costs: 41,250 - 162,000 Robit.png
Sell Price: 10,313 - 40,625 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 30,938 - 121,875 Robit.png

Chainguns are minigun-like weapon that take some time to spin up the barrel. Once the barrel is spinning at full speed, the chaingun outputs a formidable amount of damage. The Chainguns are the only weapons that uses a set amount of energy per second of usage instead of energy per shot.

Gyro Mortar[]


Gyro Mortar

Costs: 145,000 Robit.png
Sell Price: 36,250 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 108,750 Robit.png

Unlike the name suggests, the Gyro Mortar is a grenade launcher-like weapon, typically used on tilted bots to avoid angle restrictions. It fires very slow arcing projectiles that deal high damage in a large radius, or you can fire them at the ground on a tilted bot for a close ranged AoE Shotgun. They can only be used while on the ground.