Walker Legs
Walker Leg
Minimum Tech: 7
Classification: Walker

Insect legs are one of the many methods of movement.

Due to their spider-like shape, robots equiped with inset legs can sneak up behind the enemy for flanking.

Legs are very large and they require a significant amount of room in all directins to move freely.

Legs, if aided by thrusters, are fast. Thrusters stuck at the bottom pointing up may help in jumping much farther. And if holding the Space Button while in the jump position the legs will not activate when you hit the ground and can be used as skis if you have Thrusters and/or steering assisted thrust.


Walker Legs are a very useful and versatile form of movement. Unlike wheels, they can strafe, jump, crouch and stick to walls. With the help of walkers, you can easily take cover behind rocks by crouching and use your wall climbing and jumping abilities to reach hard-to-reach places that people normally can't get to, and position yourself strategically to help your team. However, as a downside, they are very weak, move slowly, and are large enough for anyone to notice that they can be easily shot off. A robot can't move with less than three of them.

Stats (note. the tech tree is now obsleet)Edit

Tier RP GC Weight Shield-th Load
RoboRank Microchip24x20 Tl
Wolf Leg T7 11,75117012.59,9581,050kg90mph9,95840Unavailable*
Walker Leg T7 15,668 226 12.5 8,630 1,050kg 15,497 40 Tl746
Walker Leg T8 30,486 378 12.5 12,447 1,191kg 43,933 42 Tl858
Walker Leg T9 54,268 625 15 17,047 1,341kg 90mph124,269 44 Tl972
Walker Leg T10 98,986 1,034 15 22,108 1,500kg 90mph350,777 46 Tl10?

*T7 Wolf Legs were available to unlock during the overwolf update, but have since been removed from the tech tree, though if you already researched them you can still buy and use them.


Spider Leg Info
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