Mech Guide for Noobs

I am Trokodile174, a 10-month RoboCraft player. I make guides for noobs. This is my second in the series. Check out my first,  The Mistake Guide for Noobs. In this guide, I will tell you dos and don'ts about Mech Legs/Sprinter Legs and Mechs. This Guide is unfinished.

Building Tips:

  • Use two mech legs.
  • Don't use oversized weapons.
    • For example, Aeroflaks and Spartan legs.
  • Lasers and Plasma are best weapons.
    • Railguns are better on sprinter mechs.
  • Mechs look weird. Make it functional and then stylish, not the other way around.
  • Use white cubes and a grey/orange/blue bot if you don't have cockpit/glass.
  • Use only 1 kind of mech/sprinter leg.
  • Keep them level.
  • Use leg size based on body size, not the other way around.

Combat tips:

  • Only jump-strafe with sprinter legs.
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