This Article will tell you a few very handy tips and tricks

1. When attacking, aiming for the area under the weapons is generally the best choice as most players protect their movement gear. Lower tier battles tend to have more movement equipment sticking out so shooting that when its visible hits their stability hard and makes it hard for them to maneuver properly causing them to flip to harshly effect their ability to aim or dodge. On the other hand, bear in mind that all weapons come with some armor and they are more armored than blocks so, if possible, try to hit the blocks under the weapons.

2: Wheels carry heavy loads more easily while hoverblades offer higher mobility. It's your choice whether you want to withstand the blows or avoid them but don't try to do both. Play smart, aim right, and pay attention to your teammates!

3: Everyone starts with an SMG so you get accustomed to the swarm of little shots but hitting t3 and t4 up means you have to get smart quick. Plasmas and rails are very different; if you see a red laser duck and if you see several red orbs move. The only way to deal with either of them is to be vigilant and if you're not proficient in long range combat don't even try to, use terrain to your advantage to try and sneak up to them or duck and dodge making them see you as little as possible.

4: Plasmas and rails might seem like a brilliant thing when that experienced player cleans your clock with them but they need a lot of skill and practice to properly get good with; in the end all you can do is build smart, play smart, and practice because every gun has its pros, cons, and preferable situations.

4.5: Each weapon requires a different way of aiming. With SMG's, you probably want to fire in short bursts at long range whilst at a shorter range it's OK to keep firing continuously. If you look at the crosshairs' proximity to the middle, it will show you the accuracy they currently have. The closer they are together, the more accurate your next shot will be. The farther they are apart, the more inaccurate your guns are. Honestly, though, in some cases this will not be too important. Rail cannons have the same mechanic for firing, though it is much more important for you to be as accurate as possible when firing considering the long recharge time. Rail cannons arguably require much more skill because the accuracy not only depends on how recent your last shot was, but also how fast you're moving the mouse AND how still your vehicle is/how long it's been still for. Again, this may not matter as much at a shorter range but it's preferable to stay at a farther range when using them. This also makes railcannons less preferable on a flying craft-it needs to reach the helium's height limit before you can accurately fire. If you're new to rail cannons and plasma launchers and they keep seeming to fire in random directions this could be because of their slow turning speed. In rail cannons' case, this could also be due to a strange glitch they have with the terrain "blocking" their line of sight when it's beneath the crosshairs. With the plasma launchers, you need to keep their slow turning in mind more so than with the rail cannons due to the fact that they don't have the crosshairs mechanic and it's not as obvious if you're not looking at the weapons themselves.

5: Get alignment rectifiers, for a hovercraft they might not be so useful (of course, at that point you'll have long ago unlocked them and they're quite cheap compared to the hoverblades) but for a ground vehicle they're MEGA USEFUL. Take care when placing them, Robocraft uses a complex physics system which means that the direction and placement of the alignment rectifiers signify where that burst of thrust [hopefully] getting you on your wheels is knocking you to so place them wisely. Distribute weight, if you see blocks and think of Minecraft, keep in mind that Robocraft has a complex physics system completely differing from Minecraft's physics so think carefully about what you are going to do. I recommend to start with wheels, then you move to hovers however hovers are not always the best idea.

6. Take into account your build, your teammates and the enemy positions. T1 will have people rushing your tank and you laugh mowing them down with your shiny t2 SMG's whereas t3 will have you looking like an idiot while everyone laughs at this tank that's out in the open firing wildly at a million shots barraging you from all directions.

7. Bigger builds mean bigger targets. You can choose between armor or speed but for the love of god don't do both, because you either need a hell of a lot of armor meaning not much mobility or a small build for mobility meaning relatively no armor (or space for weapons, for that matter). Higher tiers have the Electroplates to help this but they use up a lot of Pflops so at the end of the day you choose what you want to focus on and what you want to sacrifice cause this game doesn't balance your vehicle and you choose what's important.

8. Rambo, we all know in any game that one idiot that runs into the entire team and gets owned instantly. If you're the only one available put on your thinking cap because this is a game that the smart players are the ones that win and if you don't have a chance against those 3 guys that are left of the charge that obliterated your teammates doing a suicide run to do that little bit more cpu damage for robo points isn't helping anyone

9. A 5% pilot seat with wheels is not worth going for and ignoring the 95% SMG gunbed about to attack you. Ive seen 4 guys go after the one poor sucker that sitting stiffly on a chair. It may earn you a kill if you get it but you know what, its not worth much-some tech points sure, but my advice is the slower you earn tech points the more time you have to buy the big stuff. Aim for the guys that still have a lot of cubes. They'll get you more RP.

10.As aforementioned above, fire your SMG's in short bursts. Spray and pray only works up close. Please, please, PLEASE use this tactic for lower tiers. I remember the one helium rail gun that toyed with everyone while they fire wildly at the sky like some blue firework display that never pops. Fire slow and calmly, that accuracy is brilliant for shaving off those oh so important weapons and for later levels if you got a plasma and you see a flyer for the love of god don't sit there for 10 minutes trying to shoot it down because if it takes that long bugger the hell off and leave to the smg guy that took it down anyways while you were mucking about. Point is, though it may be easy to hit a hover or ground it takes CLAIRVOYANCE (meaning epic skills) to hit a high flyer with a plasma.

11. Aim for the pilot seat, the robo is only destroyed if give a right sock to the pilot. If possible (if you have a smg or rail) aim at the block below or any structural weak point, once blocks are disconnected to the drivers seat they are insta-destroyed and you still get all those goodie robo points for destroying them.

12. Watch out for plasma cannons. They often tend to spread out in a line meaning that the best way to dodge them is to dodge to the side going backwards only helps the enemy. Also watch out for the red line; the laser spotter is your lifeline when dodging rails. The best choice is speed-get going and quick because the more they have to pan the camera to get you the more their accuracy drops.

13. Try to focus on one build only, having multiple different builds can be a waste of RP. Really plan your robo, look up the blocks you're planning to get and test out builds before using them in actual combat.

14: Helium: A block that makes stuff light sounds great... "sounds great", yeah that was a big mistake for me. Helium used right in the right situations helps little bit by little bit and in a multiplayer that makes a world of difference but each one uses 13 Pflops on the lowest tier and can cause a HUGE amount of instability as soon as you get some air time. You have been warned, be very careful.

15: Test your vehicle. I cannot stress this enough. Some problems only appear if you use your vehicle and that one gun that gets blocked by something or that epic flip that to others seem HILARIOUS but that is leaving your guns down can be avoided if you test out things in practice and adjust accordingly, building in robo craft can be, quite frankly, an art. And arts cannot be done well without practice and dedication.

16: Spotting. Use it well and use it wisely. I cannot stress enough how much knowing how to spot can help. If you've ever heard "Enemy Spotted" and somebody appears halfway across the map and you have no idea what's going on, that's spotting. It can help you when you're crippled and there's somebody waling on you and your team members are nearby but they don't see the person killing you. Simply press "Q" when hovering over an enemy, and it'll say "Enemy Spotted" and the person's position will be revealed to you and the rest of your team for a short while. It may not seem obvious (they'll be fixing this in the next update), but spotting also has a cooldown. If you press q and you miss an enemy, it's like you fired a shot and it missed. In a few seconds, it'll be ready to use again.

17: Don't rush to get new things. Do not leave anything behind in the tech tree. This was a huge problem for me because I went up tiers too fast and ended up having to go make a new ship and spend hours farming for those extra tech points. I was so happy when I got my nano disruptors. But then I realised that they actually weren't that great. You were the first person targeteted because you were the biggest 'threat'.