Tesla Blade
Tesla blade
Minimum Tech: 8
Rate of Fire: N/A
Classification: Melee
Recoil: None
Up Angle:

Tesla blades are a melee weapon, that damage enemy vehicles they touch. Tesla blades can be used in conjunction with any gun type, but using them in conjunction with rail guns or plasma launchers is not advised.

Notes Edit

  • It is recommend to place Tesla Blades on either a flyer, a hovercraft, or a very fast cruiser. The Tesla Blades should also be placed so as to make it difficult to be shot off by enemy fire. If using a flyer or a hover, the bottom and the sides are recommended for the placement of tesla blades.
  • Tesla Blades deal twice the damage of a same tier Rail.

Stats Edit

Tier RP GC Damage Shield-th Weight


Microchip24x20 RoboRank Tl UBERTP
8 31,190 430 28,910 4,060 12.5 20 23,012.78 Tl867 UBERTP67
9 55,500 710 38,020 5,561 15 22 67,783.09 Tl982 UBERTP82
10 101,200 1,175 47,400 7,211 15 24 198,265.53 Tl1091 UBERTP91
  • Tesla Blade T8
  • Tesla Blade T9
  • Tesla Blade T10