Suicide rushing is becoming a more popular tactic in RoboCraft. You are able to earn fast RP with little to no effort in a small amount of time.

Uses Edit

  • Earning Fast RP.
  • Distracting enemy team.
  • Giving your team an early lead.

How to use these tactics. Edit

Earning RP Edit

To earn RP, take the fastest route to the enemy base, do some damage, and spot as many enemies as you can before you die.

Video example:

A simpler way is to just drive, fly, or walk your way to the enemy base and die without doing any damage. This reduces the need for expensive weapons that cost RP but also reduces your effectiveness.

Distracting Edit

The easiest way to distract the enemy is to fly a small, fast, agile plane. This makes you hard to hit and in return, you may be able to put out more damage or spot more targets. If you are lucky (or unlucky depending on your view) you may live longer than a normal suicide rush or even survive altogether. This tactic can also be applied in non-suiciding rush situations. Eg. your team is pushing against the enemies. You can fly over them and pepper them with smg bullets or plasma cannons. This will catch their attention and hopefully make them target you intead and let your team obliterate them.

Getting an early lead Edit

Make a cruiser, hover, or plane that puts out massive damage in one hit. Plasma guns and tesla blades are good for this. Rails can be used but are inaccurate while moving. Rush to the enemy base and focus on one enemy. Tesla blades I have found are the best at dealing large amounts of damage, even one shot targets if you hit near the pilot seat. Aiming for medics is better in the long run as it keeps the enemy team from being able to heal itself from damage.

Countering suicide rushers Edit

If a rusher is coming at you, try to dodge his shots and stay away from his tesla blades.

If the rusher is trying to distract your team, try to get a couple of SMG robots to take him down as fast as possible while your main damage dealers keep the pressure on the main pushing force.