Spotting is a means of locating enemies, in addition to Radar. Placing the crosshairs over an enemy and pressing the spot key (Default:Q key) will yield the following:

  • A red sign above the enemy lasting for 15 seconds that denotes:
    • ​Username
    • Armor Class (based on average robot ranking of all chassis cubes)
    • Weapon Class
  • ​A radar signature on the minimap denoting the enemy position that is available to all allies, regardless if they (the allies) have Enemy Radar
  • A voice broadcast to all allies that declares the enemy's classification (see below)
  • +1 Scout point to the original spotter if they (the spotter) had been the first one to spot that enemy

Failing to successfully spot an enemy incurs a 5 second cooldown penalty before being able to spot again. An indicator showing how long until the cooldown ends is available at the bottom left of the screen. If you change the key in the settings it will not show on the in game battle screen.

Robot ClassificationsEdit

Robots are classified by the combination of weapon type and highest movement type present on the garage design of a robot (i.e. a hover with all hoverblades shot off is still declared as a hover). The movement types are in the below table in order from lowest to highest, left to right (thrusters being the lowest, and aerofoils/rudders the highest)

Symbol Thruster Wheels Tracks Hover Blade Walker Legs AerofoilRudder|-style="background-color:#343434;" No Weapons Scout Drone Scout Cruiser Scout Tank Scout Hover Scout Walker -style="background-color:#212121;" SMG X SMG Drone SMG Cruiser* SMG Tank* SMG Hover SMG Walker -style="background-color:#343434;" Plasma Launcher Plasma Drone Plasma Cruiser Plasma Tank Plasma Hover Plasma Walker -style="background-color:#212121;" Rail Cannon Rail Drone Rail Cruiser Rail Tank Rail Hover Rail Walker -style="background-color:#343434;" Nano Disruptor Plus Medic Drone Medic Cruiser Medic Tank Medic Hover Medic Walker -style="background-color:#212121;" Tesla Blade Half-Circle Tesla Drone Tesla Cruiser Tesla Tank Tesla Hover Tesla Walker -style="background-color:#343434;" Megabot (any weapon) Megabot Megabot Megabot Megabot Megabot Megabot

*An SMG tank with 10 or more weapons mounted is instead called a Gunbed