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Land transportation

Skis are a type of movement, that provide easy sliding movement in the direction they are oriented with very little friction, both on ice and on normal land.

While not in and of themselves a true movement type, as they require another movement type to move, they boast the highest base speed in the game, albeit the least auto - correction out of all movement types. A good propulsion method is thrusters, as they have little to no spin-up time. They also boast a high speed boost, and allow sleds to fulfill their role of being hit and run..

They are not very useful for large or heavy robots as they act do not have their own movement, and thus are reliant on thrusters or props, which provide suprisingly low amounts of force, to move around.

The skis come in two types, steering and straight. The difference is in the steering ski's ability rotate horizontally. The straight ski is also slightly longer.

Design Tips[]

Skis are effective for bots with decent amount of CPU for movement that retain a usable amount of damage boost for hit and run builds, from 1300 - 1600 CPU. They can also make a very well worth investment on drones, as the building and playing style of these builds are very similar, and the ski can allow a drone to stabilize, should it be a rail gun drone.

To make a stable yet fast sled, space one set of skis far apart on the bot. This will make it a lot more stable on turns. Having thrusters pointing in all directions makes for a very maneuverable sled. However, due to the fact that they removed the function of skis to strafe, it is imperative to either use KB controls and an option to lift all but one ski off the ground, or to place a cube half a block below every ski. This can be done with cosmetics. In doing the latter, the ski only retains the base speed while the sideways friction is gone, meaning turns are solely reliant on thrusters. This must be done due to the wheel rework, which hit skis in that their turning was very jerky at high speeds.

When building with Skis you need to keep in mind that they are quite fragile. So when using them in CPU builds it is recommended to cover them up well as they are very frail in higher CPU class due to the low armor. You shouldn't use any less than 3 skis (2 in the front and 1 in the back or vice versa) as using any less will make it difficult to remain balanced and/or keep control at higher speeds, for a keyboard sled. For a cam+tilt strafe sled as detailed above, it should only be a single ski, protected like a drone would protect their rudder. This is because strafe sleds are essentially ground drones. Similar to a drone, there is a necessity of using TX cubes for the majority of your build to keep acceleration and turning at an acceptable rate, because skis do not provide their own thrust.

A solid weapon type for a sled could be mortar with a secondary weapon, as it allows the sled to dish out sufficient damage, or any of the basic four weapons (SMG, Rail, Plasma, or Nano) with a module that fits.


Note that Steering and normal Skis both have the same stats:

Image Name Price
Base Health
Base Speed
Speed Boost (%)
Skis 2,500 33,750 25 12.6 280 0.5

Additional Statistics[]


  • Skis were released as a Christmas gift from Freejam.
  • skis are the fastest form of travel.