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Salvage Crates (no longer in the game) were rewards for playing Robocraft. They can be obtained daily for logging in, as well as after each battle. They were filled with completely randomized Cubes. Salvage Crates were awarded based on the proficiency of the player in the previous match. If a players performs poorly, they received a low tier Crate. Inversely, if the players plays well, they were rewarded with a high tier Crate.

Crate Rewards[]

Crates were awarded based on the current game mode the player is playing, along with how well the player did that match. The table below lists the current rewards based on proficiency and game mode.

Elimination Mode The Pit Battle Arena
(and Leagues)
Single Player (with AI)
1 item + 1 premium 3 items + 3 premium 4 items + 4 premium 1 item + 1 premium
Winning Team
(alive at end)
Losing Team
(and those who die)
Scoreboard Position Winning Team Losing Team Winning team Losing Team
Protonium Silver 1 Protonium Protonium Silver Protonium Silver
Diamond Silver 2 Diamond Diamond Bronze Diamond Bronze
Diamond Silver 3 Gold Diamond Bronze Diamond Bronze
Diamond Silver 4 Gold Gold Bronze Gold Bronze
Diamond Silver 5 Silver Gold Rusted Gold Rusted
Gold Bronze 6 Silver Silver Rusted Silver Rusted
Gold Bronze 7 Bronze Silver Rusted Silver Rusted
Gold Bronze 8 Bronze Silver Rusted Silver Rusted
Gold Rusted 9 Rusted
Gold Rusted 10 Rusted

Salvage Crates are also rewarded daily and contain four items. The type of Crate rewarded is based on how many consecutive days the player has logged in. The first day of logging in will give the player a Rusted Salvage Crate. The next day will give the player a Bronze Salvage Crate. The day after that will award the next tier, and then the next, until the player reaches the Protonium Salvage Crate. From the day the player earns a Protonium Salvage Crate, the next consecutive days will award the Protonium Crate until the player doesn't log in. If the player doesn't login within 48 hours (within the second half of that time) after opening a daily Crate, then the next daily Crate will reward a Rusted Crate. Premium users will also receive four extra items in each daily Crate, as having premium doubles the loot inside each Crate.


  • The higher tier a crate is, the better cubes it drops, at least on average. You can still get agonizing bad drops in high crates.
  • Protonium crates never drop any common items.
  • Most cosmetic cubes have a smaller chance of dropping compared to cubes of the same rarity, but also could be recycled for far more robits. After the removal of Salavge Crates in favor of the new Tech Tree, they were earned with a new currency called Cosmetic Credits.
  • Players with a premium account get double the number of drops per crate. In Battle Arena, that's up to eight different items in one loot crate.
  • All types of crates have a chance of giving a legendary tier item, including rusted salvage crates. (Player confirmed)


  • Salvage Crates were announced on April 27th, 2016 as part of the Epic Loot update, and added on April 28th, 2016.
  • They were removed from the game on May 16th, 2018, so FreeJam could replace it with the Tech Tree, which was originally featured in the alpha version of the game.
  • When RoboPass released on May 28th 2019, the Protonium Salvage Crate was added as a spawn effect on the free tier of the pass. The other crates were left untouched and abandoned.