Salvage Crates are rewards for playing games of Singleplayer, Team Deathmatch, The Pit, or Battle Arena. Each gamemode gives a different amount of loot per Salvage Crate. There are six different variations of Salvage Crates, which all contain loot based on their type. Since Salvage Crates are an RNG system, (much like CS:GO or Team Fortress 2) the loot inside is randomized, which means a Rusted Salvage Crate could give you a Legendary item, or a Protonium Crate could give you a Common item. They were removed in 02/05/18 because of the negativity from community.

End of Game CratesEdit

Salvage Crates are most commonly collected as a reward for playing matches of any gamemode. Each gamemode rewards a different amount of loot per Salvage Crate. The table below lists how they are rewarded. You must do a minimum amount of stuff in each gamemode to earn a Salvage Crate. If you are AFK a whole match, you will not earn a crate. Each Crate has twice the amount of item slots, and half of them are locked for non-premium users. Premium users get twice as much loot (as with RP before the Epic Loot update). Premium slots DO NOT have a larger chance of giving rarer items, it is a completely random system.

Team Deathmatch The Pit Battle Arena (and Leagues) Single Player
1 item + 1 premium 3 items + 3 premium 4 items + 4 premium 1 item + 1 premium
Winning Team
(alive at end)
Losing Team
(and those who die)
Scoreboard Position Winning Team Losing Team Number of Kills
Protonium Silver 1 Protonium Protonium Gold 10 Rusted
Diamond Silver 2 Diamond Diamond Silver 25 +Bronze
Diamond Silver 3 Gold Diamond Bronze 50 +Silver
Diamond Silver 4 Gold Gold Bronze 100 +Gold
Diamond Silver 5 Silver Gold Bronze 200 +Diamond
Gold Bronze 6 Silver Silver Bronze 400 +Protonium
Gold Bronze 7 Bronze Silver Rusted
Gold Bronze 8 Bronze Silver Rusted
Gold Rusted 9 Rusted Rusted
Gold Rusted 10 Rusted Rusted

Daily Reward CratesEdit

Each day that you login you will recieve a bonus Daily Crate which contains 1 free item. On your first day, you will recieve a Rusted Salvage Crate, and each consecutive day that you login you will be given the next quality Crate (i.e. Rusted to Bronze to Silver to Gold to Diamond to Protonium). Once you have reached the Protonium Salvage Crate, you will continue to recieve a Protonium Crate until you miss a day of logging in, at which point you will revert back to the Rusted Crate. Premium users will also recieve two items each day. Each item can also be recycled and used in the Forge, whether it's in your inventory already, or earned from Crates.

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