RP ROBOT POINTS (RP) is an in game reward for accomplishing various tasks such as defending the base, capturing the enemy base, attacking enemy robots, and scouting.

Gaining RPEdit

Receive RP for the following actions in battle:[1]

  • CPU Damage Caused – Destroying (i.e. completely removing) the cubes of an enemy Robot – this includes ‘chunks’ of Robot that fall off due to separation – your bonus is based on the total CPU of all the cubes you destroyed.
  • CPU Healed - Cubes you heal on an allied robot with Nano Disruptors.
  • In Defense - You get an additional bonus for all enemy cubes destroyed within an area near to your team base.
  • In Protection – If an enemy attacks an ally, and then you attack that enemy to protect your ally, you get an additional bonus for all cubes destroyed during this time.
  • Kill – If you deal the killing blow to an enemy.
  • Assist – If you deal more than 25% of the damage to an enemy, but someone else kills them, you get the assist.
  • Scout – If you have an enemy radar on your Robot and if your radar is the first to detect an enemy you get a scout bonus. You also get the bonus when spotting someone "manually" by pressing Q.
  • Base Capture – You get a bonus if you are on the base when the progress bar of a base capture passes one of the 4 segments of capture. You can get a maximum of 4 base segments if you are on the base from start to finish.

All players will gain 5% extra RP for every Premium Account player in the game (including the premium players).

The max Cap is 2.147.483.647 because it is stored as a 4 byte value.


Wiki InfoEdit

The Template {{RP}} can be used to give the symbol RP in line.