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Robot Archetypes are very typical examples of certain robots. Choosing a archetype for your robot plays a major role in how you will build it and what battle strategy you execute. For example a robot that has Mech legs tend to be ideal for carrying heavier weapons and be more tanky at the expense of speed, compared to sprinters.

General rule:

All grounded movement types are susceptible to splash damage, including hovers.

Walkers are susceptible to being delegged

Bots that have thrusters or hovers generally only have those movement parts as an addition, not as a major addition to the primary movement part. Thrusters are used to provide speed boost and hoverblades for an escape mechanism. Thusly, bots that utilize those cannot be called hybrids.

Archetype Description Strength Weakness
Tank Not to be confused with the Gunbed, the Tank goes all in on maximizing HP and HP boost. It is always equipped with tracks due to their HP boost. Unrivaled HP; can survive a direct nuclear strike, probably Grounded

Not a good damage dealer; best used as support

Landship Not to be confused with the Gunbed, the Landship goes all in on maximizing HP and size for a tradeoff of small amount of weapons. It is usually equipped with wheels or tracks due to their high HP and use spaced triforcing to reduce plasma damage.

Landships have over 1000 cubes for armor and usually have 4-6 Lasers or Plasma Launchers as weapons.

Very high HP

Plasma resistant

Faster than tanks if it has wheels


Not a good damage dealer; best used as support

Easy to degun

Gunbed A gunbed is similar to a tank, except that it is generally more mobile and has far, far more guns. Un-degunnable; not viable to shoot off its guns unless fighting as a gunbed

Can still shoot even on the point of death


Usually no alpha damage; must slug it out

Weak to being teamed on

Cruiser A general term for wheeled bots, cruisers are fast and light. Cruisers are therefore good for moving to bases and hit and run tactics. Fast, but still bulky enough to survive a brawl

Has better damage boost and thusly better damage output


Losing wheels can compromise bot movement.

Sled A mono-sled and thruster bot is almost never seen, as such bots are easily destabalised. However, their high speed can be a niche when such a bot is used. Highest speed; can be deadly Easily disabled

Generally fragile to conserve weight

Mech Compared to sprinter legs, mech legs are slower but far more tanky Bulky

Can Jump to avoid splash

Harder to destroy legs

Can equip heavy weapons easily

Grounded and legged
Sprinter Due to being far faster than their mech leg counterparts, the sprinter is far more prevalent than the mech. Sprinters generally are made to quickly take positions Fast

Far more versatile and generally capable of more damage then mechs

Grounded and legged
Sniper Snipers generally are light bots. Snipers can easily cripple a bot from afar where no other weapon can deal a similar DMG accurately, but rails use lots of power. Highly damaging rounds quickly cripple any opponent

Longest range and powerful attacks

Either tanking all its hits or getting close to a sniper spells its doom.

Generally grounded due to inaccuracy in air.

Hover A very general classification for bots that use hovers as their primary propulsion method, along with a generally unused weapon such as plasma
Piranha This refers to a series of small, agile hovers that are characteristically defined by the struts at the front, and dual side mounted "big" weapons, usually ions. At the rear lies a propeller and/or thrusters. The chassis gives this a "fishy" appearance, and their previous deadliness renowned. High Dmg boost allows it to shred any bot

Is fast, small and has enough space for modules



Usually has weak anti-air capabilities

Needs to get close

Tesla Teslas have inherently the best DPS of all weapons; to balance this, they have the shortest range in the game. As such, tesla bots are one of the hardest bots to make successful. Tesla bots must be fast and agile; and usually also airborne to be able to attack planes. Destroys bots in seconds with just a few tesla blades Fragile

Teslas are easy to shoot off

Blimp/satellite Just about never used, a blimp or satellite was a bot that has Helium as its primary form of lift. These bots were desgined to rain damage from above. A satellite was hard to hit, but usually immobile apart from floating up. A blimp was mobile, and able to carry big guns. As a niche, some bots cannot take down a this type of bot easily, for example ion users. Big and slow; Flak will have a field day with either.
Helicopter A rather under used type, helicopters use rotors to fly. They make good gun platforms and can carry heavy weapons Can use any weapon minus flak or rail effectively Slow and easy to hit

Must still be light enough to fly

Plane It flies Can unleash a devestating alpha burst onto the Top of bots, usually a weakspot

Can easily abuse terrain

Flak can be deadly as planes are not always fast

Same to LOML

Warp drive A warp drive, which is a subcategory of either planes or drones, has an extreme amount of forward thrusters compared to its parent categories, usually being covered in thruster cheetahs. They are fast and hard to hit, but cannot carry many weapons.. Some are so fast, outrunning missiles is possible Drastically loses speed when thrusters are shot off

No redundancy

Drone The infamous drone, a staple of Robocraft's meta. Hard to design due to their compact nature, and relying fully on thrusters for control, drones are arguably the hardest to make, and the best design possible. However, drone design stagnated, as every player quickly learns methods to best deal with them. Small

Maneuverable; a skilled pilot easily evades AA fire.

Hard to hit

High DMG boost

If it cant kill a bot it must flee due to fragility

Must avoid AA fire; its soft.

Hybrid Excluding the use of hoverblades and thrusters as backup/ speed boost, hybrids have 2 or more main movements. A well known example is legs and rotors; this allows a legged bot to relocate easily. "The hybrid meta is one of the most successful bots in modern Robocraft. They utilise ground and air movement capabilities, and deal high damage, typically using Ions or Rails." -PI_PHazeR 2022 More flexible and faster than having a mono-movement bot One of the movement types are generally exposed due to compromising between space for weapons and movement parts.
Healer Healers heal players so that it will last longer until death. Can heal robots

Really good at [Elimination] mode.

Low firepower

Usually an easy target