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"Not many facts are known about the Robocloud, but it is believed to be the omnipotent, and perpetually evil AI that manages the balancing and maintenance of the Robocraft servers. Claims that the CF-Alliance has unauthorized access and hacked the matchmaking scheme causing mismatched matches is untrue and should be reported to your local E14 Truth Officer. It is said that Robocloud is served by Amazons. The Robocloud usually only murders people on Wednesday at 12:22, so no need for alarm unless it is that time."

In all seriousness, the Robocloud is essentially the Cloud infrastructure that is used to make the entire online system run.

Portrayal in official Freejam announcements[]

Robo Cloud.jpg

Robocloud was announced release 0.3.135


  • Balances games and Hosts games,
  • Maintains your inventory, premium time, garage, and everything else in Robocraft,
  • Saves your robot design for you,
  • Can modify the stats of cubes without needing patches,
  • Gathers statistics about games being played,
  • Exports meta data in to tool clips,
  • Creates a constant stream of headaches for the Dev Team.

Before the Cloud[]

Not much information is available on what existed before the cloud. This is what was uncovered through archaeological evidence.

  • The cloud came into existence on the 15/08/2013,
  • Before the Cloud your Robot was stored in CubeSaveData.txt,
  • You could only have 1 user on a PC,
  • You needed to do some cheating (file editing) to save two users and multiple bots,
  • Large amounts of cheating was possible.