By pressing "O", one will see the Robo Shop. It is on the far-right of the menu accessed by pressing "Tab". The Robo-Shop is full of Pre-Built Robots. Currently, it consists of 1 T2 robot, 2 T3's, 2 T5's and 4 T7's. As the game is in Alpha, we can expect more robots of varying tiers to be added.


Each "Premium" robot cost anywhere from 4250 GC to 29950 GC. When you buy a bot you get all the items with it, including an extra bay. Also if you buy a robot and its CPU is higher than the CPU currently available to you, your maximum CPU will be increased to that robot's amount (No decreasing when you are higher). Each robot can also give 3-90 days of premium, in which users receive double RP and Tech Points (TP).