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Radar Reciever

Costs: 1,040 - 7,500 Robit.png
Sell Price: 260 - 1,875 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 780 - 5,625 Robit.png

Receives signals from nearby team-mates, allowing you to see what your team-mates see on their minimap. Their effect does not stack, unlike the Radar Jammer and Enemy Radar.


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A radar receiver is a useful piece of equipment, allowing any enemies detected by your teammate be seen on your robot's minimap. It's notable that a radar receiver needs to stay within range of the team member who has detected the enemy unit. Radar Receivers can rebroadcast enemy positions, so that if there is an unbroken overlap between teammates' receiver ranges, they will have all detected enemy units on their radar and Minimap.

Each version of radar receiver has an increased footprint and size. They do not need to be open to the atmosphere, but they are difficult to mount on the inside of a craft due to their large size.

Having multiple radar receivers does not improve their functionality, only provides redundancy, unless a robot is very very long or wide where having two receivers placed far apart could increase the reception area.

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Costs: 1,040 Robit.png
Sell Price: 260 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 780 Robit.png

This is the least powerful radar receiver.



Costs: 2,800 Robit.png
Sell Price: 700 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 2,100 Robit.png

This is the second most powerful radar receiver.



Costs: 7,500 Robit.png
Sell Price: 1,875 Robit.png
Premium Sell Price: 5,625 Robit.png

This is the most powerful receiver.

Tips and Tricks[]

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As the radar receiver's effectiveness is determined on how many of your teammates use radars, it cannot be guaranteed to function as you want it to. To compensate, you may want to add a radar to your bot to have a more consistent detection range, or to frequently spot enemies, or even travel in a platoon with allies who you know have radars.


Image Name Health CPU Load Mass (kg) Range (m)
T5Receiver.png Listener 34,574 26 12.6 2,400
T7Receiver.png Tracker 37,234 28 15.1 2,700
T9Receiver.png Diviner 39,893 30 17.6 3000


  • There were 2 smaller versions that were tier 1 and tier 3. In the statistics, they are given the name Spreader and Ringer.
  • On the bloom and strut update, the rotating light became brighter. This unfortunately means you cant easily tell when your connected, you have to wait to hear the sound.