Jammers of different levels

Radar jammers will cause your radar signature to intermittently disappear from enemy radars. Higher tiers allow for longer jamming durations. Their power will stack up to five times for placing five radars jammers.


Radar jammers have applications for all robots, but are especially crucial for robots that have very few cubes to begin with. Fast-moving robots exploit the radar jammer to evade enemies who lack direct visual contact, granting potential for ambushes or early base captures.

A radar jammer will make a sound and start spinning when it has encountered an enemy radar. The speed of their spinning indicates how much power the jammer is using. A fast spinning jammer means it is jamming at full power and probably not covering your radar signal full time. This makes radar jammers useful as 'radar detectors.'

One radar jammer will jam a radar of the same tier almost half of the time, turning on and off. Three jammers are required to be completely invisible on one enemy radar. Higher tier radars affected less by lower tier jammers.

A radar jammer will only jam one enemy radar, so if you approach a group and have three jammers, you are only jamming three of their radars part of the time.

Radar jammers do not affect spotting. An enemy can still spot a player with jammers and he/she will remain on the minimap for the duration of the spot. The effect that keeps players from spotting other vehicles is a known bug.


Updated at update 0.13.1646

Name Forge costs
in Robits
Recycle costs
in Robits
Weight Health Jamming
Disperser 960?10.1kg319140,6GW24 pFLOPS
Scrambler 1040 ? 12,6kg345741GW26 pFLOPS
Obstructor 2800?15,1kg372341.4GW28 pFLOPS
Blocker 7500?17,6kg398931.8GW30 pFLOPS