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An old picture with the Protonium Reactor.

Exploding Protonium Core. That happens when one team win.

Each team base in Battle Arena (and League Arena) has a Protonium Reactor. The Reactor is a cluster of Protonium Crystals surrounding a central reactor, known as ‘the core’.


The Protonium Reactor has a number of connection points that connect all 632 Protonium Crystals to the core. The reactor has a total of 8 connection points on each of its 4 sides (32 connection points in total). To destroy the Protonium Reactor, a team must get 100 percents of mining capacity (mining capacity shows at the upper part of screen when in battle), that can be get by capturing mining points and just waiting, as long, as the bar fill. If you destroy some enemy's crystals, game will subtract x% of enemy's mining capacity. Breaking the crystals that connect to the core can destroy multiple crystals at once.


  • There was a bug when Battle Mode was released in Tier 10 (previously some kind of ranking) where the base would never explode and the game would carry on until one team left. Which allowed insanely high RP (previous value, now Robits) rewards to those who kept fighting. this has been fixed anyways.
  • Battle Mode changed to Battle Arena for some time, after that name back to Battle Mode, and now it's again Battle Arena.