Plasma Launcher
Plasma Cannons L5
Minimum Tech: 3
Rate of Fire: 3"+0.4"/Lnchr
Classification: Bombardment
Recoil: Medium
Rotation: 360°
Up Angle:
Rate of Rotation: 90°/0.9"

The Plasma Launcher is an artillery-style weapon that launches an arcing plasma projectile that creates an area-of-effect explosion on contact with a solid object. Beware the recoil, slow turret rotation speed and slower reload time.

The Plasma Launcher is suited for Aircraft, as it's long-range bombardment should not miss, even if you are flying high in the air. If you are using a plasma aircraft, beware of rails

== Stats == (Steam)

Tier RP GC Blast (M) Damage Microchip24x20
TlLevel UBERTP Foot Print
* The Width and Length seems to be wider, but you can place cubes after this distance in any order.

** The TX-1 launcher fires two shots, so if you account for that it actually does 20,662 damage

Edit: Since the upgrade on 06. Sept. 2014 Plasma W-H-L had been decreased.

• Mass can be measured, like all other blocks, on the Precision Scale

These stats are inaccurate as a result of a recent update.

Name RP GC Blast (M) Damage Microchip24x20
Level Foot Print
Pulser1,260 25138,36414563,823 7.503-3-3
Disruptor7,290451411,272181806,022 10154-4-3
Bombarder40,0951102615.054225509,01112.5 365-5-4
Mega11.071.68825002216,952x2 30046,87631,26037.8969-9-8

General InformationEdit


  1. Burst Fire: 6 Launchers fire at once(Now doesn't shoot all at once due to updates)
  2. Area of Effect: Blast radius allows for damage around corners and under a robot.
  3. Long Range/Rapid Accuracy: Degradation of accuracy from movement is minimal. The accuracy closes in fast when stationary.
  4. Range: Range is roughly half the size of most maps and has been reduced from infinite in a recent update.
  5. Range : Non steam -> Fog Of War Limit. (other weapons allow to 5% past the fog of war, not the plasma)


  1. Slow Recharge: Recharge in 2.4 seconds for a single launcher and increase recharge time by 0.4 seconds for every launcher after the first.
    6 launchers will (whatever the ammount after it it's 4 sec) have a recharge time of 4.0 seconds (only 6 will fire at once).
  2. Slow Projectile Speed: While other guns are fired at Hitscan speed, Launchers have significant travel time. Faster bots can see and dodge incoming projectiles.
  3. Slow Turning Speed: A rotation speed of 90°/~0.9 seconds while SMGs are 90°/~0.25 seconds.
  4. High Recoil: A single shot will produce significant force.
  5. High Weight: The launcher is the heaviest weapon for the same tier.
  6. The amount of plasma that will fire at one time is limited.


  1. Arc Firing: Projectiles will fire slightly up and then fall back down.
  2. Cross Pattern Spread: Projectiles will come closer together as they leave the bot until a focal point and then begin to spread apart again.

Combat Strategy Edit

  • Shooting while moving increases the spread of your weapon. Use this to your advantage by creating a large blast radius when you are firing from a long distance.
  • Firing under a bridge at enemy units crossing it will allow your explosion radius to damage them, even though the bridge is in the way.
  • Use of an aerial bomber is highly recommended, due to the accuracy of plasma launchers and the AoE damage they deal. Coupled together with the speed and agility of a plane and you are a force to be reckoned with.


Plasma Cannon Tech Hex
Robocraft - Test Firing Plasma Cannons

Robocraft - Test Firing Plasma Cannons