The Pilot Seat in Alpha/Beta Robocraft Edit

The Pilot Seat was the sole block that used to be required by all bots. If all cubes attached to the Pilot Seat were destroyed, the entire bot would be removed from the game without further damage. The Pilot Seat itself, however, was indestructible, much to the dismay of many new players.

Cubes not connected to the Pilot Seat would appear red when building. The disconnected cubes would be returned to the inventory before battle, much like they do now when disconnected from the majority of the parts

It weighed 15kg equal to a heavy block or 3 light blocks, whereas the front part weighed nothing (Source: Precision Scale)

Repurposed as a Cosmetic Exclusive Edit

After the full spectrum combat update FreeJam removed the pilot seat (and many other features).

However, they were reintroduced as a cosmetic exclusive to reward Alpha and Beta Testers.

All Pilot Seat Rewards-768x432-0
  • Players before the 1.0 update were given the Cray pilot seat.
  • Players that joined in 2016 received the Gene pilot seat as well as the Cray one.
  • Players that joined in 2015 got the Mega, Gene, and Cray seats.
  • Players that joined in 2014 got the Retro seat in addition to the others.
  • A Cray Pilot seat was also included in a code giveaway by PCGamesN

Any variant of the Pilot Seat is not craftable in the Forge, and they do not appear in the Salvage Crates. Indications show that they will not be given in any future giveaways or event codes.

All seats now have one connection point, and have 0 health, in order to prevent abuse.

They can be sold for Robits, but as they are irreplaceable., it is generally considered a bad idea.


  • The Pilot Seat was removed for a time, but as of the 1.0 update, they were given as exclusive cosmetics to Alpha and Beta testers.