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The Pilot Seat was removed by Freejam in the Spectrum Combat update].

In the release of Robocraft 1.0 however, these seats were added again in the form of cosmetics.

These seats were given to players on the 24th of August 2017 (the release of Robocraft 1.0) depending on the time of creation of their account. Players who were here for longer were given more exclusive seats along with some protonium Salvage Crates. These seats are unobtainable in the game now.

All the seats have an animation that makes pilots appear as a hologram.

The animation of all four pilot seats


There are 4 seats in total:

Image Name Sell Price Received when tier
Pilot Seat Cray.png
Pilot Seat Cray 600 Robit.png Account is made before 1.0 Uncommon
Pilot Seat Gene.png
Pilot Seat Gene 2,250 Robit.png Account is made before 2017 Rare
Pilot Seat Mega.png
Pilot Seat Mega 9,375 Robit.png Account is made before 2016 Epic
Pilot Seat Retro.png
Pilot Seat retro 18,750 Robit.png Account is made before 2015 Legendary


All seats have the same statistics.

Image Health Health Cosmetic CPU Load CPU Mass (kg) Mass
Pilot Seat Retro.png 0 1 0


  • Before Pilot Seats were removed, they were the most crucial part of your robot. If your seat was destroyed, your robot was too.
  • More experienced players used the tactic called triforcing where they tried to redirect damage away from the seat to prevent getting destroyed by a rail penetrating through the armor and hitting the blocks under the seat while most of your robot is still intact. People also used this tactic to secure weapons a little more.
  • A big issue with pilot seats were ejection seats. People placed a thruster on the back of the seat and when all armor blocks were destroyed and only the seat and thruster remained, the robot flew in the air at high speed, making it almost impossible to hit and stalling the game for up to a few minutes.