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Medic, Close-in support
A beam Cannon that heals allies.
~ In-game description

Nanos are short range, healing devices developed from nanotech added in the Rise of the Walkers update. How quickly they heal armor is directly related to the heal rate of the item being healed.


When the nano is shooting allied robots it will regenerate their damaged cubes at speeds relative to the nano's heal rate, the cube's armour value, and the cube's heal ratio. High armour values take longer to repair but a heal ratio of 2.00 makes the cube repair twice as fast. This can be used to totally repair and restore a damaged robot, but can not resurrect near dead players. There seems to be no pattern in the order in which cubes are restored. Lost cubes are only replaced once the entirety of the missing cube's health has been restored to the bot; causing the repair process to appear to hang momentarily (not lag), then jump by a large margin as the high health block spawns in.


Nanos have a lock-on feature similar to the one of the Proto-Seeker, aiming in the general direction of an ally will cause the weapon to lock on the target, using right mouse button will shoot a barrage of particles that will fly towards the target trying to follow him if it where to be moving, particles that miss and touch a surface will dissapear.

Nanos do not seem to have any recoil on the robot they are mounted on, but they do seem to gently push the bot being targeted, usually only seen when the target is on ice.

Nano Disruptors in use.



Ambulances generally stay far away from the battle, instead focus on quickly reaching damaged allies and repairing them to full health. Allies may choose to leave before they are full health, usually because they have reached a point where they have enough guns and movement to kill the enemy again; in such cases choose to move on, follow to finish the repairs while moving, or search for a new patient.


Nano-Tesla dart.

A good amount of medics will use teslas on their bot, since both devices gain from a fast design. The general tactic is you stay with your team or a partner and wait for them to cripple the enemy and then you come in with the teslas and finish the enemy. This is a good tag-team strategy that can be very deadly.

The Booster[]

This strategy involves staying with a high damage output or tanky ally, and repairing them while they are fighting. This can be really effective in a platoon, and makes the target much more resilient. This also grants them a morale bonus, often leading to them taking the fight to the enemy, and being much more willing to do the brave thing and win the battle. Care should be taken in this strategy, however, as this will often lead you deep into enemy territory with little to no reinforcements.

Healing Circles[]

Often medic robots will cluster together and repair each other while waiting for other robots to come and use their "healing aura" to restore their weary frames. However, more than likely the medics will selfishly auto-target the closest robot rather than use aimed fire to rapidly repair incoming patients. This can be useful, as a group of medics can ensure they survive and maintain maximum repairing efficiency, but can result in the whole group being destroyed if clustered too closely together while not paying attention to enemy movement.


Since Maximum Loadout Update some players choose to adds one or two nanos at hard to reach and resilient mounts so they still are able to support nearby allies even in case they lost all their main weapons.


Image Name Price
Base Health
Healing Per Hit Energy Consumption Per Shot Single Gun Fire Rate Max Fire Rate Max Fire Rate Count
Binder 720 15,795 18 16.5 6,796 0 5 20 4
Mender 2,200 19,305 22 19.5 7,904 130 5 20 4
Constructor 6,500 22,815 26 22.5 10,539 229 5 20 4



  • Repairs allies.


    • Can heal allies
    • Auto-aims at allies
    • Very accurate
    • The more nanos you add, the faster the healing


    • Very short range
    • Cannot have two bots use it to heal one (one of those bot's healing is discarded.
    • Healing only
    • Faster power consumption the more nanos you add
    • A player can only be healed by one ally at the same time


The photo from the third Robonews newspaper.

  • The Nanos seems to have a canister mounted on the back, with a tubes leading to the barrel of the gun. The canister could contain the weapon's ammunition, which might be related to nanotech.
  • For a period of time after the update, bots equipped with Nano Disruptors fired hot pink beams, regardless of the team they were on. This was later fixed via a patch.[1]
  • There is a placement area in the top side of the gun, however you can not as it is a illegal area.
  • Early versions of the nano were accidentally released with a connection to the Robocloud inside, allowing them to automatically target enemies in the right click fire mode.
  • Nanos lost their damaging ability and were renamed in the Maximum Loadout Update on the 2nd March 2016.