Mech legs were introduced on the update "Mechs are roll'n out." there are currently 6 in-game mech legs and 2 sprinter legs: Mech leg Spartan(uncommon), Centaur(uncommon), Giant(rare), Talos(rare) Colossus(epic), Titan(legendary), Sprinter leg Perseus (rare), Hermes(epic).

All mech legs have the ability to jump

Normal Mech legs move slowly, are larger, and has electroplating attached to itself bf default which stays there forever. They also have good stability. High tier mech legs jumps higher.

Sprinter legs move faster, are more compact, and has increased jump height but lower stability, and lowered protection.

All mech legs can be forged from the shop, however it's best to have two at once.

If paired with Hover Blades (Usually Hover Blade Tornado is already enough), they can have extra airborne maneuverability but Aeroflak Cannons deal increased damage to all air targets which makes them move vulnerable.