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Maps, also commonly referred to as Levels, are areas where fighting against other robots in Robocraft takes place. Each level is set on one of the three planets below:

  • Mars
  • GJ 1214b (the ice planet)
  • Earth

In competitive servers, each planet has two maps, adding up to six maps in total. Two of the planets have 1 unused map each, which can only be played in Custom Games, including Hellion Crater, Mars and Gliese Lake, GJ 1214b.


Earth is hilly and mountainous with flat grassy plains and small trees.

  • Birmingham Power Station: An abandoned power station with overgrown grass and nice sniping points, but is a small, compact map made to encourage close combat. It's made to draw players to the center for big fights. It used to be the only map for Team Deathmatch. However, as of March 2017, this is no longer the case, and all maps are now in rotation for Team Deathmatch, and the map has been expanded and upgraded with more hills and obstacles to make it playable in all game modes
  • Vanguard's End: The most recently added map and the crash site of a galactic starship called the ESS Vanguard. The ESS Vanguard lost control during it's final approach to Cosford Military Astrology, due to failure of its internal protonium reactor. This is a relatively large and wide-open map, and it was added to the game after Birmingham Power Station.


Mars is a rocky, dynamic landscape with many steep valleys and lots of crowded hills. Good for stealthy play.

  • Tihonium Canyon: A large, long map which is composed of a giant canyon with smaller canyons on both sides of it, complete with a large bridge in the center.
  • Hellion Crater: By far the most wide-open map, Hellion Crater is a giant flat circular depression in the ground with raised terrain at its borders. This map was removed from all competitive modes when the beta stage came along, but is still playable in Custom Games.
  • Tharsis Rift: A relatively small but complex network of valleys, hills, and mushroom-like rock formations.

GJ 1214b

GJ 1214b is a massive super-earth ice world in close orbit to Gliese 1214, 47 light years from Earth. "Gliese" has an arctic feel with a smoother topography.

  • Gliese Lake: A wide-open map consisting of icy, flat plains and small icy plateau formations and hills scattered about. This map was removed from all competitive modes when the beta stage came along, but is still playable in Custom Games.
  • Ophiuchus Valley: A small, compact map with tons of obstacles and hiding places. this map contains its signature giant ice cave, along with giant metal pipes running about. there are also cracked ice formations on the other side of the map.
  • Spitzer Dam: A large, relatively wide-open map with towers and buildings and icy valleys, complete with a giant sloped metal dam in the middle.


Vanguard map (Earth)



As the devs commented in their #2 AMA on SubReddit in March 2017, they are developing a new planet.[1] They are not sure whether it will resemble real-life planets, but they said that there will be lava, making environmental hazards possible in Robocraft.

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