A screenshot of the mini-map in action.

A very important feature in battle. The map displays the environment around you during battle, as well as the location of both capture points, all allies, and any detected enemies.  All friendly units and structures will appear in blue, while all enemies will appear in red.  The minimap also comes equipped with a grid overlay, which allows for an easy way to put coordinates in the in-game chat.

Pressing "M" will toggle the mini map size between normal and 150%.

Player indicator

The player is indicated by arrow. The direction of the point is the direction the pilot is facing. The Green 45° cone is the players current Field of View. Allies are indicated by blue hexagons while enemies are indicated by red hexagons. A white circle around an enemy hex indicates that enemy is being spotted by a player.

"Tithonium Canyon" (Mars) Edit

Map 3

The smallest among all maps, this one is surrounded by mountains and has great slopes and some brigdes in the middle. 

As this one is the smallest, it has some peculiarities such as, if you have a Rail Cannon for example, when on the bridge, you can shoot someone in red base area.  

The large bridge in the center of the map is oftenly called - The bridge of death because players usually rush the bridge and get killed instantly.  

Another characteristic is that all mountains are all flat on top, with the exception of some rocks (mostly small). And, because of that, it is very common to se planes with rails and wheels in this map. That´s because you can fly your robot to the top of the mountains and, park it there as a car, to have a clear shot. And, you can make use of some huge rocks to make yourself protected.

This is a great map to test your aircrafts.

"Hellion Crater" (Mars) Edit

Helleon Impact Crater

The practice map and part of the normal rotation. The bases are "gated" by large rock pillars. The Map is very open with few hills for cover. There is an elevated path around the outside. In "normal" mode the bases are in C8 and I2.

This map is also used for Boss battles, where the base is in the Upper right side(C8).

"Tharsis Rift" (Mars) Edit

Map 2

This map is very mountainous. Bots often get to the top of mountains to shoot at aircraft while still having lots of cover. The deep canyons allow runners to sneak up on the enemy base while tanks fight it out in the middle, where the terrain is more favorable. The system of bridges and canyons leads to two "layers" of battle. Around F3 there are "mushroom" rocks that shelter ground vehicles from planes. From 2A to 2I there is a deep canyon that is a way to sneak along the map but is hard to get out of and easy kills for flyers.

Gliese Lake (GJ-1214B) Edit

S1 Ice Lake

A large lake on the north-eastern side makes for a lot of long range engagements. Crossing the ice on wheels is risky because it is very hard to turn or stop. The glacial pillars in the south-west are safer when fighting aircrafts, but also easy to be ambushed in. Generally, it is best to avoid the center (E6, F5) when coming from the north-west base as the southeast base has a clear line of fire to it.

Ophicious Valley (GJ-1214B) Edit

Map 5

This map is dominated by a large mountain in the center. There is a path around the base of the mountain surrounded by an ice "moat". There is a tunnel through the mountain from H2 to I3. Some players refer to it as 'The Tunnel of Doom' because of the tendency for people at the southeast base to get there first and ambush from the north-west base that are going there as well. There is a "high road" around the top right of the map that overlooks the ice. Flyers can fly over the mountain if they can reach that altitude. It is possible for both teams to miss another and end up at the opposite base. There are many vertical levels of play for ground and hover vehicles with limited cover for flyers besides the mountain.

Spitzer dam (GJ-1214B)Edit

Spitzer dam

"Spitzer dam" is the third and final planet GJ-1214B map. It is a large map with a huge dam dominating the center. The North-east part of the map has a glacial area similar to (but larger than)Gliese Lake.

The south-west is levelled with the dam, and the North-east is lower than it, with hills going down at each end of the dam. The fusion tower to the south west has hills around it, making it slightly harder to hit from range.

The dam itself can be travelled across, and is the highest flat piece of terrain on the map, with the lowest being at the base of the dam.