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A machine gun-like projectile weapon
A rapid fire Laser Gun.
~ In-game description.

The Laser is a type of weapons in Robocraft.


Lasers are a weapon cube that fire a particle/laser bolt, dealing damage upon direct impact. Individual Lasers have a low rate of fire, but with additional Lasers, the firing rate can be increased. Nominal count for Lasers Wasp, Hornet, Blaster, Vaporizer, and Disintegrator is 4 guns, while the nominal count for Laser Leviathan is one.

Holding LMB fires a continuous stream of lasers, which allows for maximum damage output over a large area, but also increases the size of the reticle, resulting in a large decrease of accuracy. Pinpoint accuracy with Lasers can be achieved through tap-firing, which is holding LMB in short increments, allowing shots be fired with less stray from your target. Pinpoint tap-firing is useful for harassment of enemies at long distances to weaken them prior to engagement, or to snipe off critical parts (armoring, weapons, movement parts, etc.) in close-mid combat.

Lasers are available in front-mount and top-mount variants, both of which are identical in stats but different in hit boxes and firing directions. Front-mounts are only capable of firing in one general direction, while top-mounts are able to rotate full circle.


  • High-firing rate
  • Easy to use
  • Well-rounded weapon
  • Decent accuracy for single shots
  • Accurate while in air and while moving
  • Can target specific robot parts
  • Good team weapon
  • Low cost weapon
  • Low energy usage


  • Easy to counter
  • Lacks alpha strike capabilities
  • DPS falls sharply as the distance between targets increases due to bullet spread
  • Accuracy decreases sharply as the weapon fires continuously
  • Front Mounts do not provide good coverage
  • Bad against Electroshields


How to Use[]


Aside from knowing when to use single-shots and when to use full bursts, Lasers are already very intuitive. Lasers shine in one-on-one combat. Against other Lasers, it is a matter of whose robot has more guns, and the ability of the player to target weak areas. The most common strategy using the Lasers is to target the opponents weapons, then the movement parts, and finally the center of their robot. This strategy is based on trying to cripple the opponent's robot as fast as possible which allows you to easily finish them off.

In general battle, lasers utilize suppressive fire, allowing enemy bots to relocate or retreat during long-mid range siege/encounters with teammates. They also provide a solid weapon choice for decoy bots.

In Battle Arena, Lasers' balanced DPS, low energy consumption, accuracy are the best for "stealing" energy crystals from the enemy's reactor.


Lasers are not considered the best option against bulky bots such as tanks. However, they can be used in conjunction with teammates to finish off weakened opponents, take out critical parts, or help lower TTK (Time to kill) of Tank/Bulk robots.

Lasers do well when used as AA (Anti Air), yet are not as effective as rails or Aero Flaks. Nonetheless, they provide great suppressive fire against them.

Plasma Bots
When fighting someone with plasma cannons you want to take off as many cannons as you can. This has always been true but even more so with the round robin firing system of 2017. Lasers have a great advantage over most other weapons as they use the very little energy unlike Plasmas. (example: Laser Wasp (lowest level) uses 16 Energy per shot. but Plasma Pulse (lowest level) uses 168 energy per shot.)

Railgun Bots
Rails crush Lasers in damage output but have a far slower Fire rate. As such, they have a similar DPS to lasers but are best for long range action. Thus, Lasers can be used effectively against rails only if they can accurately de-gun them at close combat. Success against rails from far distance is very unlikely.

Nano Bots (Healers)
As Nanos do not provide damage to enemies, Lasers provide a fine counter to them, but don't shine spectacularly in denying healers and support. However, as stated before, they can be effectively used to suppress healers from trying to repair opponents.

Tesla Bots
Lasers are the best option for facing tesla bots head on as their high DPS and accuracy allows them to disarm most tesla blades immediately. As most tesla bots are fast and agile, this makes lasers an even more attractive choice for countering these bots. Tesla bots are extremely dangerous and should never be given a chance to impart their incredible damage upon you or an ally.

When facing another laser bot, it mostly comes down to disarming the bot faster than they do to you.

How to Counter[]

Lasers are particularly geared for one-on-one combat, the best counter of which is to travel in numbers. Because Lasers are particularly hampered by terrain, aircraft may abuse this to their advantage, but at the same time put themselves at risk of being shot out of the sky.

For one-on-one encounters with other Lasers, a known tactic could be aiming directly at their guns to minimize their DPS and firepower dramatically. Lasers also have good ambush potential, with the sustained fire often leaving the victim in a panicked state, especially when engaging other craft from a distance


Image Name Price
Base Health
Damage Energy Consumption Single Gun Fire Rate Max Fire Rate Max Fire Rate Count
Wasp 0 TP 8,775 10 8.4 4,367 83 4 16 4
Hornet 0 TP 12,285 14 10.8 5,745 114 3.17 12.67 4
Blaster 1 TP 15,795 18 13.2 7,715 162 2.51 10.05 4
Vaporizer 2 TP 19,305 22 15.6 10,587 235 1.99 7.96 4
Disintegrator 3 TP 22,815 26 18 14,843 350 1.58 6.31 4
Carbon 6
Parts shop only
Leviathan 5 TP 101,205 250 1,000 29,429 667 5 5 1
Carbon 6
Parts shop only
  • The Carbon 6 variant of the Laser Leviathan cannot be forged and can only be found in Salvage Crates.
  • The Carbon 6 variant of the Laser Disintegrator cannot be forged and can only be found in Salvage Crates.


SMG prior to MegaBot Count Down 3

Old SMG bolt

  • The laser was the first weapon implemented in the game. Before Robocraft was single-player only and combat was impossible
  • The Laser model has undergone a change since the MegaBot Count Down 3 (20/01/2015). The Laser was much more round and bulbous compared to the current more geometric shape.
  • The Laser bolt that it shoots has been changed since the first multilayer release, it was larger and would go through the bot instead of dissipating on impact.
  • The general name for Lasers is referred in code as KUBE_LASER.
  • Before the weapon flattening and reworks of 2016, Lasers were named SMG (Subatomic Machine Gun) and had a limited range (47-52 meters depending on level)
  • The old T9 SMG models had hinges on the turret, instead of on the mount.
  • For a period of time, Front-mount Lasers had an accuracy bug, firing just above their target instead of directly at it.
  • The T4 Lasers once could only shoot forward.
  • The Carbon 6 Mega Laser was initially gifted to players who completed a special limited time event held in game. The event tasked these players with getting 100 kills where a mega SMG on the players bot landed the killing blow. The reward for this event was 6 Carbon 6 Mega Lasers for free.
  • The Carbon 6 Mega Laser is one of the very few blocks that had to be unlocked via the tech tree, but does not normally appear on it. Instead it is only made available to purchase once the player has unlocked the normal Mega Laser.
  • Lasers seem to have a barrel with the interior filled with a glass prism. The back-end possibly is a light emitter, possibly where the laser is made for the weapon. The prism could be there to concentrate the light in to a point.
  • Alternatively, the interior houses a radioisotope which when energised releases a stream of particles
  • Lasers lost their hitscan behavior in the Maximum Loadout Update on 02/03/2016.