There are currently three types of currency in ROBOCRAFT - Robo Points (RP), Tech Points (TP) and Galaxy Cash (GC), each with varying uses and obtainment methods. Here on RoboCraft Wiki we have 4 templates to show 22px icons in-line (TP, UTP, RP and GC, resulting in Tl, UBERTP, RP and GC, respectively)

Uber Tech Points Display

Any type of Tech Point can be exchanged for Über Tech Points using Galaxy Cash.

RP Robo Points (RP) Edit

Robo Points are the main currency in the game, and can be obtained through playing in either Battle Mode or Ranked Battle Mode. They are used to buy new cubes. As someone increases Tier they gain more RP from each battle. Higher tier cubes are more expensive than lower tier cubes, and so are much harder to buy in bulk.

GC Galaxy Cash (GC)Edit

Galaxy Cash is currently the only currency that cannot be earned through regular ROBOCRAFT gameplay. Instead, it must be obtained by purchasing it with real money. It can be used for a variety of different things, such as buying cubes, converting the aforementioned Tech Points or purchasing Premium Membership for a certain period of time.

Tl Tech Points (TP) Edit

Like Robo Points, Tech Points are obtained through Battle Mode or Ranked Battle Mode. They are used to unlock new kinds of cubes in the Tech Tree. A player's robot's Tier will affect the kind of Tech Points they receive. For example, if a player's robot is in Tier 2 they will receive Tier 2 Tech Points, and a Tier 6 robot will receive Tier 6 Tech Points. These specific points can only be spent on upgrades which require these points. A player cannot spend Tier 2 Tech Points on an upgrade which requires Tier 3 Tech Points. However, using Galaxy Cash, a player can convert any Tier of TP into Über Tech Points, which can then be spent on any tier upgrade the player chooses (as long the desired upgrade is adjacent to an already bought upgrade). This is a great way to use spare Tech Points in other Tiers to unlock new cubes in higher Tiers.

UBERTP Über Tech Points Edit

There are two ways to unlock parts on your Tech Tree as explained above. One is by Tier Tech Points (TP), the other, Uber Tech Points (Ub). TP is obtained through battles and they come according to the robot's tier you have (T1 robot gives T1 TP, a T4 robot gives T4 TP and so on). Ub on the other hand, you need to buy with GC. In fact, you don´t buy it, you trade your TP to Tb by using GC. Currently, it costs 11 GC to buy 1 Ub.

Ub don´t have tier restrictions so, they can unlock any parts from any tier you want. Imagine that you have 50 T1 TP and you want a part that requires 37 T3 TP. All you need to do is to convert 37 T1 TP into 37 Ub, but that will cost you 333 GC,

Important NOTE: Depending on the part you want, you need to unlock others too. Eg. If you want a T6 Plasma Cannon, you must unlock T5, T4, T3 first and if your goal is to have a T6 Plasma, you need to consider the points to unlock T6, T5, T4 and T3. Plan it carefully not to waste your GC.