"Is it hovering, floating, or flying?"'

How to buildEdit

In order to build a hovercraft, it is necesary to create a basic frame and then place at least 3 hover blades on the frame, preferably in some form of symmetry. After this, add the pilot seat, weapons, etc.  Pay careful attention to the weight distribution of the craft, if one side is vastly heavier than the other it may cause instability in flight.  Thrusters are useful if increased speed, turning speed, or maximum height are required. Helium is useful to help keep the craft off of the ground, however too much will turn your hovercraft into a balloon.


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Strategies for low tier hovercraft are on the flying and ground vehicle pages. On this page are strategies unique to the hovercraft in high tier, with the exception of this video, which illustrates the "lift-shoot-duck" mechanism for plasma hovers:

The bridge

Suited for higher tier hovercraft. As a hovercraft you can easily move vertically and move faster than thruster flyers. Using that you can shoot down "bombers" and take out any weaker vehicles on the ground quickly. Be careful of getting caught in a crossfire and players using jammers and low terrain to sneak up on you.

Tail Rotor

Adding an extension to the back and placing a hoverblade there will allow for fast turning capabilities. Another option is to make the entire craft long, or to add extensions to the sides. this option also incurs an overturn of sorts caused by your front end sliding out further then you expect it, test out your robo in practice as this will likely cause you to miss a critical dodge in the middle of battle.


Without a tail rotor, i.e. without an off center rotor and with a symmetrical build, sometimes a hovercraft will have a limited "strafing" ability, which can provide a tactical advantage. However, this reduces its ability to turn overall. 

Using Cover

A hovercraft has excellent control over its altitude, so a good strategy is to hover low behind some cover (a rock, perhaps) and rise from behind it when your enemies least expect it. Frontal armor and shielding complements this strategy, as do plasma and railguns; you can quickly duck back behind the rock while you are reloading. Be careful of enemies timing your shots as people often learn the timing of weapons especially plasma cannons firing just as you pop your head out. If you have jammers a good strategy is to use larger rocks to sneak behind them, adjust your timing or come out the sides rather then above. 

Rugged Terrain

Hovercraft excel over rugged terrain; it doesn't slow them down, especially over ice! Watch as your opponents slip and slide around while you hover unimpeded. however be careful of enemy snipers or bombers also taking advantage of this from afar


Combine the simplicity of both wheels and hoverblades to make a nice hybrid robot. Use the wheels for long distance travel, as they have a higher top speed, and hover in combat for a tactical advantage. If a hoverblade is destroyed and your stability is compromised, use your wheels to have better control of the robot.