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Loading Hints are useful and helpful bits of knowledge that appear during the loading screen when entering a match. They range from incredibly obvious to incredibly dubious, but all are useful in some way, shape, or form. Over time, some hints may expire.

Official Hints[]

These are all the hints that appear in-game:

Battle Mode Hints (Only shows when you respawn)[]

  • Capture the Fusion Towers to gain Passive Overclocking for your team
  • Destroy the Protonium Crystal to win the battle
  • Damage and Kill enemy Robots to Overclock your Robot (Overclocking is no longer a mechanic in Robocraft)
  • Capture all 3 Fusion Towers to deactivate the enemy Fusion Shield
  • Enemies cannot shoot into the Fusion Shield from outside
  • Your Robot will automatically heal when inside your Fusion Shield

Unofficial Hints[]

These are hints provided by members of the community. They are not on the official hints list, but are generally considered to be useful things to know:

General Hints[]

  • Have a Strategy. The team that scatters will be picked off, and most likely lose.
  • Teamwork, now in most games people will scatter into two to three groups so follow the biggest one and help your allies because if there is no teamwork there is no win.
  • The terrain provides many strategic points to set up an ambush, use the terrain.
  • Whatever you're doing now may not work forever. Each release will change the game. Be prepared to make changes accordingly.
  • Dealing 25% of the damage to a robot will allow you to potentially get an assist, which is the same rate of RP as a kill.
  • Be flexible. You form a much stronger link in the team if you can change tactics in mid-game.


  • You should never build a bot with less than 6 weapons.
  • The more CPU your bot has lower Damage Boost
  • The more armor blocks your bot has higher HP Boost
  • Movement parts have a limit to the amount of mass they can carry, going above this limit will give the bot a speed penalty
  • Always have more than 2 wheels/hovers on each side of your bot; so its harder to immobilize your bot.
  • Triforced armor is no longer effective and due to a change in how damage is transferred to other blocks, although can still be viable when used correctly.
  • Headlights are used to blind railers, how ever don't leave them on all the time as they can very easily just give away you position.
  • Press "F" or the middle mouse button to select a block from your robot when building.
  • In higher HP Boost, electroplating is more useful.
  • When designing a bot that uses Lasers, get the fastest fire rate with six Lasers, although it is good to have some extra, so you still have a good fire rate if a few get shot off.
  • When building a Flyer, placing a center mounted Hoverblade can get you out of tight spots or corners when wings are shot down. They can also help with backing up and take off maneuvers.
  • Any Electroplates are useful as they may take the one shot you need to stay in the fight, although building crafts with smaller electroplates are discouraged, as it consumes too much CPU to be worth it.
  • More than one propulsion type is one of your best options, as it increases mobility and durability. (Example: Legs and wings, hovers and wheels, etc.)

More information you can find at Design_Strategy.


  • Practice makes perfect; always test your bots in practice mode before using them in combat. This will avoid making yourself a liability of your team.
  • Skills are an important asset in the world of Robocraft. Learn your skills well, they may very well save you in a fight. An example would be evasive acrobatics for aircraft. Knowing how to dodge incoming flak fire from the ground will most of your time be your salvation.
  • Know your robot's limits, if you know you can't climb that mountain or have trouble steering at high altitudes, avoid it.


  • Keep an eye on the mini map. Know where your team-mates are. Know where enemies are.
  • Move in Groups. But you don't have to walk in a line - just stay together so you can fight as a group if an enemy appears.
  • Always be alert.
    • Keep an eye on the sky.
    • Move careful around corners.
    • Pay attention to the sound distortions of cloaked enemies
  • If you have a Medic on your team, stick with it! It might just save your life.
  • If you are flipped press F to rectify. You still can shoot while topside town. While being rectified you can't shoot but move very slowly.
  • You can zoom out (Mouse wheel) to get a better overview.
  • Be mindful of others' space, don't get right up in people's space.
    • Don't move behind shooting allies. They can't retreat.
    • Don't move in your ally's line of fire.
  • Use the 3rd person view to your advantage, surprise your enemies.
  • Flanking enemies can be very effective as the sides and backs of robots are usually the weakest.

Spotting & Communication[]

  • Once you touch an enemy with your crosshair it becomes marked wich allows all your team members to know where it is, marked enemies remain this way until all of your teamates loose vision of the enemy
    • Now you will see the enemy behind obstacles.
    • Your allys will see the enemy on the minimap and directly in game.
  • Use the in-game chat (Press Enter). It's there for a reason. Use it to form a strategy with your team-mates, relay information (such as "get the medic" or "help I'm under attack) or simply to boost morale with things like GLHF (good luck have fun).

Basic combat tactics[]

Have a look at the combat tactics.

Hints for Classic Mode[]

  • If someone is capturing your base go back and try to stop the capture. You will lose if you do not.
  • If there are too many bots, crippling is usually the best way to getting a whole team disabled, as your team kills off the survivors.
  • Attempt to cap if only you can't take the whole brigade or if the enemies are distracted or stuck in a choke-point. To do otherwise will only make them target you.
  • Never give up, even if you are the last person on your team and the other team has 5 people left. You can still win; it is rare but possible to achieve.

Hints for Battle Mode[]

  • Capture & protect the Fusion towers; they increase your Protonivity, and keep your shields up.
  • If you want to destroy Protonium crystals quick - aim to the crystals connected with a black ribbed part of the tower/reactor. There can't be flying crystals so they are destroyed automatically and the score gets to the one who finishes the last connected crystal. (Medics are especially good at this.)
  • If you are one of the few people on your team alive and enemies are attacking your reactor, try to capture a Fusion Towers because capturing one will allow your team to respawn instantly. They can then fight off the invaders.
  • The order of the fastest Protonium crystal destroyers goes from Plasma being the fastest, to Nano Disruptor, to Lasers and Rails.
  • Do not shoot at an enemy if a medic is near by, this will simply feed the medic. Try to kill the medic instead.
  • Disabling an enemy's movements and or weapons is just as good as getting a kill. take aim in your shots.
  • If your team is rapidly capturing Fusion towers at the start of a game, try giving your team the ultimate head start by risking yourself in capturing a point closer to the enemy reactor.
  • If you are with a Medic, very close to the enemies/enemy, try to take some damage, and give the Medic some OCL (Overclock level)

Defending your reactor[]

  • Never defend (wait for enemies) your reactor if no enemy is on the radar/close to your base. Go outside and capture/defend points instead.
  • Only go for the protonite core if there are only 5 minutes left in the match AND the difference of charge of the mothership is higer than 10%, otherwise, you are better capping points
  • You permanently regenerate when inside of your base shield, and enemy weapons can't go trough unless they own all 3 points.
  • Use your reactor shield. You can fire through it and you heal inside. Hurry back inside your shield if enemies captured a tower close to your reactor. They will probably go for your reactor next.
  • If a tank or ground based enemy is approaching your reactor shields, use your bot as a blockade to slow down their movements.


  • You can self-destruct your bot by pressing ESC and clicking, "Respawn". There is a cool-down of 10 seconds if you get shot.
  • You can self-destruct if your bot is immobilized with no enemies or friendly healer in range. If an enemy finishes you off, they get overclocked.
  • If you are heavily damaged and your team is about to capture a fusion tower, Self-destruct. You will respawn as soon as the tower is captured.

Hints for Medics[]

  • Don't fight if you can heal an ally!
  • Don't focus solely on the Mega-bot/one person, if the other players are struggling heal them too!
  • Don't heal the front of an ally. They will be blinded by your nano-beam!
  • Always stick behind your allies, or use the environment as protection.
  • Follow the main assault group!
  • Keep other Medics alive! They can't heal you if they're dead!

Hints for railers[]

  • Kill Railers on sight. If you see them, they see you.
  • Kill Flyers to help your team dominate the skies.
  • Kill Healers to prevent the enemy from healing.

Hints for Lasers[]

  • Burst-fire for better accuracy at long range. Fire two or three shots and let the spread sight reset.
  • Do not rush your targets head-on. It WILL get you destroyed.
  • Target Flyers, they are highly vulnerable to Laser fire.
  • Use ambush and use hit-and-run tactics as much as possible. It is more effective than you think.

General Weapon Hints[]

  • Flak is ONLY for air, the damage on ground is so low that you're better of saving that energy(even if it is full already)
  • Lasers are the most versatile weapons, the first shot is always 100% accurate so it's nice to keep an enemy from regenerating, they are excellent at mid to close range, also this is one of the few weapons to have damage falloff.
  • Shotguns are obviously for close quarters, and with that i mean at basically tesla blade range, otherwise the damage is minimal
  • Plasma have insane DPS if you can land all shots, it's better at close range, or when being used by flyers and vehicles on top of mountains.
  • Chain Shredder eats up a LOTs of energy even when it starts to spin, but once it is at full speed it does honor to his name
  • Tesla blades... well... with a Ghost module you can sneak up for a quick kill, but otherwise enemies will prioritise you and is only recommended for experienced players
  • Proto-Seekers have one of the lowest DPS in the game but his shots chases after enemies, and deal bonus damage to Electro Plates, his limited range and damage make it more of a secondary weapon however.
  • Rails have high penetration and damage, and as long as you don't hold down the fire button, they will have perfect accuracy.
  • The smaller versions of Chain Shredders, Flak Guardian and the big LOML have almost the exact same stats except for health and fire rate, but they have the same damage as their big counterparts