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Movement Block
Special Block
Cosmetic Block

Lifts weight, essentially making the bot lighter


- Helium is the only chassis block that actually has a function apart from the structure of a robot.

- Every cube of Helium provides enough lift to lift around 116 kg, but slows your robot down doing so.

Tips and Tricks[]

- Helium can be used to make it easier for heavy planes or helicopters to take off or lift faster. This also works for hovers that are having issues to stay in the air.

- It can also be used to make mechs jump higher and faster but because of the enormous weight of mech legs, you'll need a lot of helium to notice this.

- When put on a helicopter, losing rotors will make it less likely for your robot to fall down making you able to stay in the air with 1 or 2 rotors.


Image Name Price
Health Health CPU Load CPU Mass (kg) Mass Carry Mass (kg)
Helium 600 2250 1 1.0 116


  • In the game, the tooltip of Helium suggests one helium block provides a lift of 1138kN. On earth, this would be able to lift 116 000 kg. This is likely a typo where they meant 1138N (enough to lift 116 kg). Some tests suggest that 14 helium blocks can just about lift 1611 kg, meaning one helium can lift around 115 kg, from that, we concluded that the tooltip was probably a typo since 115 kg is close enough to 116 kg.
  • Helium lifts as much mass on Mars as on Earth. This shouldn't be the case however, since the gravitational pull of the Earth is larger than that from Mars and more lift would be needed to lift the same amount of mass on Mars.
  • In the early days, a very strong robot were drones with helium and thrusters because they were nearly invincible because of the lack of crucial parts. They couldn't be shot down until it was killed completely.
  • The tooltip of Helium says it'll slow down your robot when adding these. However, adding helium will only add very little to the mass making the decrease in speed negligible in real life.