• Health Boost System – Each Chassis Shape (Health or Light version) placed on your robot will grant a 0.06% health boost to the robot’s total health. This means that all parts on your robot will have their health increased by this %. Players will see a running total health boost in both the edit mode screen and garage screen.

The benefits to using Health Shapes on your robot is that as they use less CPU than Light Shapes, you can get a bigger health boost for the same CPU cost. So, placing 100 Light Shapes which costs a total of 300 CPU will give you a 6% health boost to your robot, using 300 Health Shapes will give you a 18% health boost.

Health bar
Health Boost affects all cubes on your robot, so adding Health Cubes/Shapes will strengthen cubes like weapons, movement parts, and Electroplates.

A good, strong combination is to add Electroplates after getting a significant amount of Health Boost, as Electroplates have a more efficient health/CPU ratio, but Health Cubes give a higher bonus overall.

The combination is the most protective.