NOTICE: Since the addition of Nanotech disruptors, this guide has become outdated; if you have sufficient experience and knowledge please update it as I do not. Otherwise, reader beware

So you've figured out how to move and can fire the gun, but now you need actual strategies for winning (or at least getting a kill). These are general strategies that apply to all forms of combat available. 

NOTE: I don't use the game's terms so for example when I say artillery I mean plasma cannons if you can't make the connection. Also amendments can also mean additions to the original strategy.

Test your build (Courtesy of: "A Wikia contributor")

- Your bot may seem sweet in the garage, but there is a test world for a reason. Even if it's only to learn how your bot moves and any problems it has, use the test world frequently (especially for significant changes). Nothing is more dissatisfying (more so than dying from random artillery fire) than beginning a match and having a bot or more flip over from a high center of gravity or poor maneuverability. As the contributor says, "Make sure it can move, then make sure it can fight, then use it."

Herd mentality Edit

- There is strength in numbers, and all players will recognize such. As a result, they will usually follow faster teammates.

1st Amendment: Edit

- Should the "herd" move down the center of the map in a map with lots of room, be cautious; it can be a kill-zone for rail cannon, plasma artillery and burst-firing SMG tanks. While charging the center works, especially if they are disorganized, it is not a recommended tactic. Do not follow them. Attempt to flank: enemies will certainly converge on the herd, and may not detect you.

2nd Amendment: Edit

- Should you not be able to keep up or catch up, don't try. Go to a strategic area, such as the high ground and stand sentry or provide fire support for any opponents in your sights. If fast enough to be at the trailing end of a formation, function as second- or third-line support, discharging rail cannon, plasma artillery or bursts of SMG fire into distant opponents. SMG tanks can also serve as self-propelled anti-aircraft guns. If the tactical situation turns for the worst, you will be closest to the base, and can retreat to engage opponents capturing it.

3rd Amendment: Edit

- Tactical retreats means avoiding Pyrrhic victories. Scouts should avoid direct confrontation with opponents and should wait for more heavily armored and armed allies to back you up. If numbers are not in favor and there is room to retreat, do so: a dead teammate is a useless teammate. However, knowing when to retreat is vital: if your back is against the wall, make a last stand. Delaying action works similarly: while retreating, fight back and stand your ground when practical.


- Maps allow you to find your way across the map. Proper analysis will indicate where your opponent will be, and you can maneuver to properly engage them. The game gives you a radar dish, but you don't necessarily need it. If you think about how one fights an enemy in the game, then recognize how that looks on the map and you will be able to tell the general area of enemies. Once you get close you'll usually see them immediately since they will be looking at their radar and fire at you. That and since scouting gives a reward there are usually plenty of targets already marked without needing radar to tell you. One of the most important aspect of the game is also to scout, See an enemy? Mark him with your Q and let your allies decimate them.

1st Amendment: Edit

The game also gives you a radar jammer. Offensively, it will allow you to get closer to the opponent, if not avoid them until practical. Defensively, it can prevent them from detecting you until ambush range. That said, unless you're mostly out of sight or are trying to be, it will be less useful on the front lines. This article gives more details.

2nd Amendment: Edit

Depending on your vehicle's "class", it may work better to use radar as well as a jammer. The different types as well as the strategies for those types can be found here

Predicting movementsEdit

- Referencing back to the "Herd mentality" strategy, since it's such a common strategy you can usually predict certain enemy movements. Because of impassable mountains and the fact most robot teams are not Hannibal and his elephants, large stretches of low ground, roads and bridges are usually where you can expect opposition.

-Observation of teammates will usually determine their location. When you see a sole ally fighting an enemy and they get destroyed, you can usually be sure that enemy will be backed by several more and they are making a push for the base. When that happens try to get a few allies to retreat because if not done, you and your allies will be picked off one-by-one. On the same note, if you see allies simply drive straight to their base with little or no opposition, it is likely that opponents are massed elsewhere.

1st Amendment: Edit

- In addition to predicting enemy movements, you can also predict your team's movements. This is useful when your team isn't paying attention or not responding to comments. Should your team mostly be at the enemy base and nobody is budging, you should move out of your own base and join your team (regardless of your vehicle's condition) as enemies will either head there (and be lead in to a reverse kill zone/ambush) or try to take your base and destroy you.

Firing on enemiesEdit

- When fighting enemies, your two targets will be the blocks near the guns and then the blocks near the tires in that order since the armor rating of armored cubes is generally lower than that of the guns and tires. Once they can neither attack or move they are easy targets. That said if there are multiple enemies try to focus fire on the opponent in the best condition if there is no medic: two crippled opponents which can neither move nor fight will be better than one destroyed robot. However, if there is a medic, shoot to kill; the medic will be able to repair crippled opponents to top-fighting condition.

1st Amendment: Edit

If the enemy is far away and you can't advance without taking heavy damage, take precise pot shots and hope for the best. There really isn't much you can do there if you're sure you can't advance because that would mean enemies near your flanks and/or you're fighting artillery, both of which can destroy you quickly. SMG shots are hitscan, so it hits instantly, plazma shots travel slower and is affected by gravity, the force in which causes the shot to curve dowwards

Dodging Edit

- If you plan to fight on the front lines, you MUST be able to maneuver or take heavy hits. Artillery excels at immobilizing and destroying slow units but their shots are avoidable if you see them ahead of time and are nimble enough. If you need to dodge but know that your vehicle is slow/immobile, you can try to "jump" out of the way by using the Alignment Rectifier (this was taken from this article which explains the part more in depth here).

Common Courtesy Edit

- Please always remember that you're playing against real people with real lives. The biggest problem I always have in this game is either lacking pFlops or lacking credits and I'm pretty sure it applies to everyone else as well since tech is tiered (which means extra tech points have little use unless you convert them). That said, try to avoid the following:

1) Don't take bases and instead destroy the other players or wait until they're all destroyed; only enemies give XP as well as credits.

2) The only situations where taking a base should be used is as follows:

a) You lack the numbers to hunt down opponents, either through attrition in battle or their numbers exceed yours.

b) Most of your team is heavily damaged, therefore lacking offensive capability and there are no working nanotech tanks to heal you or your teammates.

c) As a means of forcing the opponents to engage you, since they are keen to not lose by base capture.

d) You want to win the game, give your team mates a hero bonus, win stars and credits

e) You understand the concept of capture the base not being a deathmatch

Note that this amendment is much less strict so opinions will differ on what is considered "reasonable" and "controlled" (along with the actual validity of the amendment).

1st Amendment: Edit

If you have a reasonable amount of health still and are able to move with a fair amount of control but don't have guns, it is better to run away and serve as bait for your team to lure out plasma tanks and snipers as well as being a makeshift recon (unless there is a team member already near you, in which case don't run, just absorb hits for the other member). In fact, to stand completely still with this status is worse than running and hiding since you still have purpose.

Healing Priorities Edit

- When you have Nanotech Disruptors, you are a doctor, not a soldier. Your short range makes attack less than ideal except for emergency situations. Stay alive, and your team will stay alive.

1st Amendment: Edit

When confronted with numerous wounded allies, heal the most wounded and let those that can fight continue to defend as you repair the wounded ally to a somewhat workable condition. Use team chat to establish some form of triage. However, some vehicle classes and types take precedence over others. They are listed in order.

1) Two or more medics mean that you can be repaired if necessary. Heal wounded medics immediately.

2) Flying vehicles i.e. aerofiols, helium and hover vehicles often are rendered inoperable after a few hits. They should be first in line, regardless of teammate statuses.

3) SMG Cruisers or SMG tanks often require immediate attention during combat, as usual procedure is to wear out the opponents faster. This will allow them to stay in the fight longer, and the healing will often offset the damage they do enough to win a one-on-one encounter.

4) Ground-based Plasma artillery usually take less damage than their SMG counterparts, but are often subject to counter-battery fire and close-in assault. Because of the single-shot nature of Plasma artillery, it is possible to heal them between barrages. However, care must be taken for near-misses can be very damaging. They may even target you.

5) Rail Cannon-armed vehicles are often at longer ranges, preventing them from becoming targets unless the enemies get close. However, they will be decimated when opposing Rail tanks and cruisers target them. Healing them will allow you to stay safe due to range. However, you will be farther from teammates on the front who will need you and you will be targeted by opposing Rail Cannons at any range. Therefore, heal them last.

2nd Amendment:

Never take unnecessary risks. You are perhaps the most important asset on your team, and they will need you to repair. You are a priority target, so do not unnecessarily expose yourself. You can heal others but not yourself. You are more useful to your team alive than dead.

3rd Amendment:

Cover your medic. Even if you take more damage than otherwise, the medic will reciprocate his or her thanks with healing.

I readily take feedback so if you have new input then I'll reply, consider it, and if I decide it's useful then I'll add your name to the article as the original person to suggest the improvement. Adding on to that, if you have the hours your own advice may be more useful than what is written here; these strategies are only guidelines for success and it's possible to win without them, it's just harder.