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Freejam is a Portsmouth-based game development studios, composed of five developers who focus on developing Robocraft. The work ethic is largely jam-based and the company is intentionally kept small to keep iteration times short and to easily react to gamer feedback.

FreeJam is currently registered in the UK under the company name Hyperion Venture Ltd [1]
That is the reason "Hyperion" appears on PayPal purchase and in the Galaxy Cash screen as Hyperion[2] gave FreeJam the initial investment they needed to get off the ground ages ago.
Freejam is currently in the process of incorporating Freejam Ltd.

The Jammers[edit | edit source]

What's a Jammer, you ask? A Jammer is one of the fine staff at Freejam, the creators of Robocraft. These guys stare at lines of code all day so you can blow each other up for fun, so give props where it's due. These guys are the real heroes.

Avatar Full Name Brief Bio JSKister
MSFJ.png Mark Simmons
Ideas man, bossy and self proclaimed geek, you want mark on your team if only to hear him say once in a blue moon “ your idea is better than mine”, it means a lot.
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BCFJ.png Brian O'Connor
Like the mighty Samson, Brian gains his power from his long black hair. A witty Irish tongue dispatches fools swiftly, so be warned, Brian knows his stuff.
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SMJF.png Sebastiano Mandala
His smooth Sicilian tones can catch you unawares, Seb is a formidable creative coder with argumentative skills to match – Go on ask his opinion on anything, we dare you.
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EFJF.png Edward Fowler
Ed is a code machine. He’s quiet, and intensely fast, but deep beneath that facade lurks a soft hearted monster, we know this because we have seen him drunk.
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RTFJ.png Richard Turner
If batman needed another sidekick in surf shorts it would be ric, he’s a sharp creative wiz, a joker and the worlds biggest critic. Weapon of choice – hair gel.
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DFJ.png Orcun Adsoy,
A.K.A. Drognin
(Community Outreach)
Orcun Adsoy, AKA Drognin is a recent addition to the Freejam family, and the most mysterious, almost as mysterious as how Seb survives with coffee for blood.
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Michele Michele Cuomo
Michele, the second of the Italian trio, is a primarily gameplay focused coder who’s healing hands brought nano to the Robocraft universe.
Aldo Aldo Fanelli
Aldo, last of the Italian trio, is a man who stands in the shadows but carries the weight of Robocraft on his shoulders, tearing through bugs at record speeds and seeing to the ever increasing stability of the game.
LDFJ.png Luis Dellinger
Luis watches over the Robocraft universe with an eagle’s eye, making sure that balance is maintained, bugs are found and gameplay is fun.
DAFJ.png David Jones
Dave was the first art jammer to join Ric’s team. He is a master of the third dimension and has formed many master pieces such as the robot legs, aerofoils and tesla blades!
Alex Alex Mein]
Whereas Ed watches over the servers, Alex is known to speak with them directly. Weaving his netcode, the servers are at his command.
DDFJ.png Dan
Dan is the quick-minded knowledge base of the Freejam community, answering hundreds of voices each day.
Tom Tom
Our most recent addition, Tom sees the world in 2D, creating interfaces, concept art and forming graphical designs with his sworn partner and graphics tablet.
Vlad Vladimir Neykov
Vlad is Freejam’s technical artist. Using his mastery of both art and code, he brings new methods and technologies to the Robocraft universe.