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Fair Play refers to a set of rules regarding behavior on Robocraft aimed at preventing players from becoming offended and from being victimized by hackers and glitch exploiters. It is expected that all registered users follow these rules. Keep in mind that the devs have commented that the rules need to be updated.


Offensive usernames[]

Robocraft moderators will suspend any account that has a username that could be offensive to others, i.e. profanity, racism, overly sexual, etc. Freejam cannot change usernames.

Offensive chat[]

Please do not use offensive text when communicating using the in game chat system. Any text that could be offensive to others could result in a mute, warning, or ultimately account suspension from a moderator. Note: there is a profanity filter.

No spamming[]

Please do not abuse the in game chat system by spamming, or filling it with random characters, or padding it etc. Any abuse of the chat system could result in a warning and ultimately account suspension from a Robocraft moderator.

No offensive Robots[]

Please do not create Robot forms or names that could be offensive to others such as religious or controversial symbols, offensive words, sexual objects, etc. Offensive Robots can result in a warning and ultimately suspension of your account by a moderator.

No AFKing[]

Players who enter battles and don't do anything will be kicked from the battle automatically.

No hacking[]

Anyone caught and proved to be hacking in any way will be instantly banned, no questions asked. Of course if you still want to hack for the joy of getting banned or know what to do if you see a hacker here two informative pages on it: Hacking Macro.

Hacking Types Include:

-Ghost wings -Invulnerability -Teleportation without a Blink Module -Invisibility without using a Ghost Module -Ability to shoot through terrain.

There are a lot more but these are the ones have been seen a lot.. So if you see any player using any of these hacking types or doing something strange in the game that people can't normally do take a screen shot and go to the RoboCraft website then click community and then click report a player you then give the persons user name and the screenshot and the moderators should take care of it.

No bug abusing[]

If you notice that everyone stopped moving, but you can still move and shoot everyone, it means you are disconnected/bugged, please do not abuse this and hit enemies, contesting the cap, or shooting their protonium reactor

If you spot any user who are not following these rules, you can report them here