Welcome to the FAQ. This is an open FAQ so please feel free to leave any question here and answer any that you know how.

How do I get more RP?Edit

  • The higher Tier your Robot is the higher rewards you get in battle.
  • At Tier 10 it is possible to earn 20,000+ RP in a single battle. Although you can make 2,000+ RP on Tier 3, which is pretty good to upgrade your robot with new parts, specially blocks and weapons
  • Another way you can get more RP is to get Premium Membership, you get 100% more RP as a member.

How do I get higher tier TP? Edit

  • Get your bot to be in the designated tier then win a battle. for more information see the question below.

How do I get a higher Tier Robot? Edit

  • As you add cubes to your Robot the Robot Ranking increases.
  • The more cubes you add, the higher your Robot Ranking.
  • The more powerful cubes increase your Robot Ranking more.
  • Armor cubes also increase your Robot Ranking.
  • When your Robot Ranking reaches a certain level you will ‘Tier up’.
  • Your Tier and Robot Ranking are shown in the HUD at the bottom of the screen in the Mothership.

How do I get more TP (tech points)?Edit

  • You earn TP each time you win a battle.
  • Sometimes, you can earn TP after losing a battle.
  • You can earn 2x TP when you complete your “first victory of the day” bonus
  • You get 100% more TP for being a Premium Member (rounded up to the nearest whole number).

How do I get more CPU?Edit

  • Each time you ‘Level Up’ you gain 11 more CPU; level Up by causing damage to other Robots in online battles.
  • Killing enemies in Practice mode also levels you up, but it takes a lot more time.

What is the highest Player Level?Edit

  • The highest Player Level you can reach is 150. This may be increased in the future.

What is the quickest way to kill an enemy Robot?Edit

  • As soon as the enemy Pilot Seat is separated from any non-Chassis cubes the Robot is destroyed.
  • So, one way is to shoot the cube directly under your enemies Pilot Seat.
  • Another way is to destroy all the functional cubes on your enemies Robot, i.e. Wheels, Lasers, Enemy Radar, etc.
  • Bear in mind that movement parts like wheels or hovers, weapons, radars, jammers and electroplates also have armor and they are higher in comparsion to the block of same tier so, it is not appointed to shoot these parts, but the blocks that connect them to the robot. Pretty much the same thing about the Pilot Seat.

Can I publish YouTube videos of Robocraft, and can I monetize from them?Edit

  • Yes, it’s great if you publish videos of Robocraft on YouTube, and its fine to monetize from them.

How do I get into the Red Team?Edit

  • You are always in the blue team, the enemies are colored red on your PC and on their PC you are red.

How does the match-making work?Edit

  • Fair Match – The MM system tries to put Robots in equal sized teams with with equal Tiers
  • If there are not enough players of your tier, you will be matched with teams that are within 3 tiers of each other (for example, a tier 9 player may be matched with a team consisting of tier 7 and tier 8 robots or tier 8 and tier 10 robots.) although there are some possibilities to be matched with teams that are more than 3 tiers of each other like T1 - T6. But that is a really rare thing to happen after the last update

What do the Helium Cubes do?Edit

  • Each Helium Tank cube applies a constant force upwards.
  • This force is reduced with vertical velocity, so it rises slowly (like a balloon).
  • Helium Tank’s also have high ‘drag’, so adding them to your Robot will stabilize it in flight, but will also slow it down.

I can not log into the game and I have verified my account, what do I do?Edit