NEWS electroplates Small
Minimum Tech: 2
Rate of Fire: N/A
Classification: Shield
Recoil: N/A
Rotation: N/A
Up Angle: N/A
Rate of Rotation: N/A

Electroshields are the gold mine of defence.

The Electroplate's Cooldown Time takes 15 secs normal and 6 seconds when fully overclocked. The recharge time is 2 seconds, and 0.8 seconds when fully overclocked. Cool down time begins when the shield has been depleted, and ends once the required time has passed. During cool down, the electroplate cannot recharge and as such is susceptible to enemy fire.


  • 10 x Variants of Electroshields (variant "0" to variant "K").
  • Each variant has a Left and Right version.
  • Complex shapes for the more experienced Robocrafter to figure out how to build with.
  • Electroshields have two ‘Health bars’, one for the shield and the other as base armour.
  • Electroshields' shield capacities recovers if you can avoid taking damage for 15 seconds.
  • A single Electroplate will take the full force of a Plasma shell or rail round of the same level.
  • Electroshields prevent Plasma and Rail damage from passing through to the Chassis.
  • Electroshields have very high CPU.
  • Mass can be measured, like all other blocks, on the Precision Scale.

Placement Edit

Theres is likely to be many places where you can fit shields on your bot. Some bots don't really hold armour very well and hence do not use electroplates. The shields should be used to protect the most important parts of your bot. Here is the general priority list to protect:

  1. Block under pilot seat (no longer a priority, due to the changes in the Full Spectrum Combat update)
  2. Mobility devices (Wheels, hover blades, etc.)
  3. Weapons
  4. Weak points (Weak links that hold your bot together)
  5. Visible components
  6. Hull

1. The block under your pilot seat is the most important block in most cases. That block goes, game over.

2. It usually doesn't matter if you lose some hull or your weapons. As long as you can move behind cover or get to a medic you should end up alright.

3. When you're confident you won't be instantly destroyed or easily immobilized, make sure your weapons will last as long as possible. Weapons are often targeted by enemies if wheels are not visible or they are under heavy fire.

4. Weak points on your bot can also be a problem. If for some reason you can't reinforce the link, such as having lots of components inside that cannot be easily moved, put shields around that link. Losing a shield is much better than instantly having half of your bot blown off.

5. Components such as enemy radars, radar receivers, and possible even radar jammers can be a bit large and not fit well on some bots. If you still have shields to put on your bot, protect these areas next.

6. Finally, if you still have shields and CPU left to spend, protect the areas of your hull that are most likely to be hit.

~Remember: If you use the correct combination of attack, defence, and general tactics, you can tear the enemies apart and theoretically absorb an infinite amount of damage without losing a single part, due to the shields' ability to recharge.

Cosmetic versions Edit

Shoulder Guards

The Football Plates and the Spiked Splates are cosmetic variant D Electroshields. The Football Plates got added as "Shoulder Guards" in the Turkeyfest update/event. These are also contained in the Quarterback robot in the Roboshop.


Variant Forge costs
in Robits
Recycle costs
in Robits
Weight Health Shield
Variant "0" 880 176 17,5kg 2100 64340 22 pFLOPS
Variant "A" 960 192 19,3kg 2100 65543 24 pFLOPS
Variant "B" 1120 ? 20,6kg 2100 66792 28 pFLOPS
Variant "C" 1280 ? 23,3kg 2100 68087 32 pFLOPS
Variant "D" 1440 288 33,0kg 2100 69434 36 pFLOPS
Variant "E" 4000 ? 40,9kg 2100 70835 40 pFLOPS
Variant "F" 4400 ? 43,6kg 2100 72296 44 pFLOPS
Variant "G" 4800 ? 48,5kg 2100 73817 48 pFLOPS
Variant "H" 13000 ? 53,6kg 2100 75402 52 pFLOPS
Variant "I" 14000 ? 83,0kg 2100 77060 56 pFLOPS
Variant "J" 32500 13000 135,0kg 2940 138867 130 pFLOPS
Variant "K" 32500 ? 169,0kg 2940 138867 130 pFLOPS

As with most stat tables on this wiki at the moment, these values are incorrect. They have changed as of a recent update.


Trivia Edit

  • Electroplate Armour was added in patch 0.6.757.
  • The Shield strength of Electroplates was buffed by 25% in EP & CPU Balance Change - 0.6.757 (Robocloud Change).