The following is a total list of changes to the game


  • Max CPU changed for each Tier, so Free cubes can no longer be used to make T10 Robots
  • Max CPU in T1 is 750, in T2 is 1000, and in T3 is 1250, all other Tiers have no ‘max CPU’
  • Shield strength of Electroplates buffed by 25%


  • A way to protect your blocks


  • Hover Blades no longer flip you upside down when you enter Practice Mode
  • Helium Tanks now render properly, they were sometimes invisible
  • You can now scroll to see all friends in the list when you have a lot of friends
  • Enemies are now colored red again
  • Vapour Trails no longer glitch across the screen when you spawn in a multiplayer match
  • Tier Gauge now resizes properly when you switch resolution

HOT FIX - 0.6.748Edit

  • Fixed a bug which caused random explosion effects on your Robot when other users hit Self-Destruct


  • Increase the repair costs at Tiers 1, 2 and 3
  • Values were 21, 75 and 216 (in T1, 2 and 3 respectively)
  • Values are now 42, 120, 243
  • Reason is that new users are progressing to T4 too quickly according to stats, some in just a few sessions

SELF-DESTRUCT - 0.6.747Edit


  • Quitting battle will result in a self-destruct that will damage 50% of your Robot. This is designed to discourage users who quit when enemies are approaching, which many have been frustrated by
  • Self-destruct will still award the full Bravery Bonus as long as you have been in battle for more than 2.5 minutes, so at T1-4 you will always be able to afford the repair of your Robot


  • Victory Bonus increased by 20%, Bravery Bonus decreased by less than 10%, increasing the reward for Victory vs. Defeat
  • Base Capture bonus decreased, Base Defence bonus massively increased
  • Average earnings overall increased
  • We will post tables showing the changes in the release notes and on the forums for discussion




  • This has been an exploit for a while, users putting extra cubes on the floor, but not connected to the Robot, in order to increase their Tier
  • Now, any cubes not connected to your Pilot Seat will be returned to your inventory before battle and the Tier recalculated, you will be warned if this happens and can cancel in case it is not intentional


  • Please note, we do not expect these changes to ‘fix’ gunbeds, but we do expect them to make gunbed related design choices more challenging
  • CPU of weapons now increases at 2 points per Tier, so at T10 1 x weapon = 30 Chassis cubes, this is designed to reduce the number of guns on Robots
  • CPU of Wheels has been increased to match that of Hover Blades
  • Wheels will now travel at 50% speed when over encumbered (as opposed to 75% speed before), so large flatbeds of guns will move more slowly and will need to reduce weight, or add more wheels to maintain maximum velocity
  • Robot Ranking was increased to match the increases in CPU
  • Please note: Changes to your Robot will not save until you reduce the Robot to below the MaxCPU limit
  • There will be a grace period of 1 week where Robots that are now over CPU limit can still enter battle so that there is time to modify the Robots to fit within limits


  • SMG accuracy was bugged, so users were getting full 100% accuracy by tapping, this bug has been fixed so accuracy now degrades properly – meaning SMG will be less accurate overall
  • SMG Damage at longer range has been increased and is now 75% of full damage, with the accuracy loss at long range also lowering the overall DPS to less than 30% on average


  • Fixed a bug that meant that if you had Auto-Repair ticked you paid 2x repair costs
  • Fixed a bug which caused users to sometimes get the wrong Tier rewards at the end of battle
  • Pushing ESC in Spectator mode or in Practice mode will put to back in mothership, without a confirmation dialogue, which saves a mouse click
  • Steam code added, ready for Early Access launch review by Valve
  • Sell Robot button is now greyed out if your bay is empty (would have caused a crash before)
  • Selling a robot with Cosmetic cubes on will not sell the Cosmetic cubes and will instead return them to your inventory
  • We have optimized the servers at Amazon, so we have increased the number of Robots in battle, at all Tiers
  • Hover Blade hover height increased, especially for high tier
  • Hover Blade armor buffed by 50%



  • Overall repair costs reduced for everyone
  • Repair costs are now based off % of Robot destroyed, so all Robot sizes are treated equally
  • Bravery system improved to provide a safety net for high repair costs
  • Users now must repair their robot before entering battle – you cannot enter battle with a phantom robot


  • The Bravery bonus is awarded if your team loses or if you die and ensures that as long you participate in battle you will earn some RP
  • Getting Victory, Kills, Damage, Protection, Assists, Base Caps and Defence will always earn you more RP than Bravery alone, it’s best to think of the Bravery bonus as a “safety net”
  • At Tiers 1-4, the Bravery bonus is always greater than the most expensive repair you can receive which ensures you can always pay for your repair
  • At higher Tiers a worst case battle – i.e. getting killed and doing nothing in battle – can give you repair costs that exceed the Bravery bonus so you can get loses
  • The balance is set so that by playing well you will always on average earn more RP at a higher Tier if you average your net earnings over a number of battles
  • The removal of the Bravery as a safety net at high tier is designed to make the game more challenging and more engaging (since you need to concentrate more to succeed) as you progress to high Tier, it is also designed to ensure that Premium becomes more and more value for money at higher Tiers


  • Freejam would like everyone reaching high Tier to consider buying Premium. Buying Premium helps to support Robocraft and ensures we can keep bringing you new features and content at an increasingly fast pace
  • We’ve made sure that Premium is fantastic value for money too
  • Premium in Robocraft is now reduced to just 4500 GC for 1 month
  • Premium can ensure you progress quickly and do not need to worry about repair costs
  • Premium becomes more valuable the higher Tier you get too
  • Below shows an illustration of how fantastic value for money Premium is, and remember, when you buy premium you are supporting Robocraft



  • Freejam will never force you to pay, i.e. We will never force Pay2Play
  • Freejam will never endorse Pay2Win, paying will never ensure winning, there will always be a Robot that is bigger and badder than yours, only skill and Robocrafting ability can guarantee winning in Robocraft, and no money can buy that
  • Whilst the Bravery bonus ensures that you cannot ever get a repair that is higher that you earn at T1-4, at T5-10 it is possible to lose money if you get a very bad battle
  • In order to reach the highest echelons of the game without the benefits that Premium provides, we recommend users retain a lower Tier Robot in their garage to ensure you always have a backup to fund the repairs of the higher Tier robots you are trying to build


  • Light Chassis Cubes, L1 Front mount SMG’s, L1 Wheels AND Pilot Seats are now all FREE!
  • Prices of cubes have been re-balanced to match the new rate of earning RP
  • Cube sale values increased, you can now sell cubes back to the Depot at 50% of their original value
  • New ‘Sell Robot’ button, which allows you to sell an entire Robot back to the Depot at 50% of it’s full RP purchase cost, damaged or otherwise
  • Galaxy Cash repair button re-added as some users requested this, but we have ensured that the GC repair costs are very low, even at the highest Tier
  • SMG accuracy slightly improved

NB: We are still working on the Platoons bugs. The issue is complex and lies with one of our cloud suppliers. We are working with them on a fix, and we’re working hard to get a ‘work around’ implemented soon, sorry for the delay



  • Updated the values in Robocloud to result in significantly reduced repair costs, especially at high Tier
  • Thanks for all the awesome feedback on the new update on the forums

HOT FIX - 0.6.737 - A FEW BUG FIXESEdit


  • Fixed a crash which would leave the user stuck in battle when it was finished
  • Shadows in Mothership fixed
  • Wings, Weapons, Wheels etc now cast shadows in Battle
  • Assist calculated incorrectly
  • Scout Bonus screen sometimes appeared after Practice Mode (note, RP was not awarded, it was just a visual bug)



  • 2nd Ice Map added, our best map yet
  • Lots of vertical gameplay and a HUGE central mountain
  • A tunnel is carved through the mountain side, can you fly through it?
  • A treacherous Ice river, lies in wait
  • It’s now also ‘snowing’ on all Ice Maps


  • ASSIST: Someone steal your kill? Don’t worry, now you get the Assist
  • PROTECTION: Someone shoot your teammate? Well retaliate on their behalf and get a Protection bonus
  • DEFENCE: An enemy near your base? Damage them for an extra ‘defence’ bonus
  • SCOUT: Be the first to pick up an enemy on your Enemy Radar, and get a ‘Scout’ bonus


  • Until now, only time and grinding stood in your way of T10, this ends today!
  • Now, you must play well to get to T10. There is no place in T10 for poor players. Only the Elite can exist at the top
  • If you play well, if you are a class Robocrafter, you will be RP Rich, beyond your wildest dreams
  • You can now earn up to 100,000 RP in a single battle at T10, RP costs of cubes have been adjusted across all Tiers to compensate
  • We’re not just flooding the game with RP though, oh no, we are setting a challenge, and this challenge comes via the new repair system


  • Any cubes that are partially damaged but not destroyed in battle will turn black, and lose their reflectiveness
  • This is the first time you can see how your Robot is taking damage in the field
  • On return to the Mothership you will see all damaged cubes
  • Entering the next battle with a damaged Robot is possible; your entire Robot will be present but any destroyed cubes will enter battle with an armor of 1, and any partially damaged cubes will enter battle with the armor they had remaining
  • You cannot edit a damaged Robot, you must repair first to modify
  • Push [R] to repair, then click on the ‘Repair’ button to restore your Robot to full health, or select ‘auto-repair’ so that it happens automatically getting you back into battle faster
  • Repairing will cost you RP only, we have removed the option to pay for repairs using Galaxy Cash
  • The repair will depend on how much damage you have taken in battle, avoid getting killed and you will have no repair
  • Gain a massive RP haul by damaging, scouting, protecting and defending and avoid taking big damage and you will win big
  • But, with big wins can come big losses. Repair costs at low Tier are very low, it’s easy down at T1, but at T10 it’s much tougher, repair costs can be high, you can lose money as well as earn it, only the best players will make it to this level, if you are in T10, you are an Elite Robocrafter
  • Since this is such a huge change, all existing users will get a 3 month window of reduced repairs
  • Until now, only time and grinding stood in your way of T10, this ends today!


  • Weapon Armor increased by 40%, so weapons will sustain 5 shots from an SMG in the same class before coming off now (80% Plasma and Rail damage still passed through to Chassis as before)
  • Hover Blades max velocity increased by 20%
  • Practice Mode now contains some of the Robots donated by users. We will keep adding them over the next few weeks
  • Tier boundaries have been altered to make T1′s get to T2 faster and T9′s take longer to get to T10, to help match-making so that those at the bottom of T10 have more of a chance against those at the top of T10



  • Robocraft game servers hosted on Amazon now automatically add more servers when user numbers increase
  • Robocraft Lobby now automatically splits into separate lobby’s when the number of users gets high hand the game can now support an infinite number of lobby’s
  • Lobby’s are designed to maintain a minimum number of users before scaling down to keep queue times as low as possible
  • Before this change the lobby’s would break and Robocraft would have completely gone down if we reached 5000 online at the same time, which we’ve been very close to
  • Lobby’s now have names, you can see the name of the lobby you are in at the top right of the lobby screen when you push ‘B’
  • Platoon’d friends will be in the same lobby, this is automatic
  • Chat rooms are separate from lobby’s so you can chat to users in different lobby’s
  • Robocloud services are now full distributed, so do not have limits on the number of users they can support



  • BUG: Tier TP not appearing in Tech Tree UI
  • NB: Don’t worry, you didn’t lose any TP, it just wasn’t appearing in the Tech Tree
  • CPU and RR stats present for all cubes in the Info popup window



  • Changed the damage model slightly so that Plasma and Rail give more consistent damage results when hitting guns, Plasma will do more damage to a gunbrella now as a result – so beware gunbeds, your guns won’t protect you so much now
  • Drag model on Aerofoils changed, so dive bombing is now possible
  • Thruster force increased by 25%
  • Max speed on Thrusters increased slightly, especially at high Tier
  • Some bug fixes to the UI (poor clipping, platoon icons not appearing, that sort of stuff)

QUICK UPDATE – 0.6.720 – Aerofoil Armor buff, rail buff, and moreEdit


  • Rail Damage increased by 50%
  • Aerofoil armor increased by 50%
  • SMG has a default inaccuracy (it’s v.small. but it’s there)
  • Rail ally laser sight is now blue in color
  • Accuracy of Plasma as you move has been improved
  • Wings have a drag that increases as the velocity increases, fixing ‘Uber Warping’
  • Loading Screen look improved
  • Rebalanced TP costs (increased mostly, as we felt they were way too low)
  • Made some fixes that should increase the reliability of the servers

Hot Fix- 0.6.717Edit

Bug Fixes:Edit

  • We fixed the bug with the game crashing during the loading screen. Should no longer happen.
  • We Fixed the issue with shadows on Aerofoils.
  • Removed some of the broken AI robots from practice mode.
  • Purchasing premium now correctly enables early access cubes to become unlocked.
  • Bringing Helium into Practice mode now no longer causes your robot to flip upside down.

Patch – 0.6.714Edit


  • 10 x levels of aerofoils.
  • You need to be travelling fast enough to get ‘lift’.
  • Flaps are automatically assigned to WASD, SHIFT & SPACE based on position and orientation.
  • 4 aerofoils and 1 rudder is the best way of maintaining stable flight.
  • Tilting aerofoils against the air can cause stalling if you don’t have enough thrust.
  • A couple of wheels can help you get a quick take off at the start of battle.
  • High levels have stronger forces so can lift off and manoeuvre heavier, high-tier robots.
  • Aerofoils are available to Premium Users on ‘Early Access’ today, and available to all non-Premium users on Monday 11am GMT.

WARNING! If you buy premium membership and the Tech Tree does not update to show aerofoils available, restarting the game will fix the issue.



  • Get 2 x RP and TP for your first victory in each garage slot every day.
  • This bonus combines with the Premium Members bonus (so you get 2 x 150%).
  • This bonus replaces the old Daily Bonus.


  • Tech Points are now ‘tier locked’: if you play in ‘Tier 2′ you earn ‘Tier 2 Tech Points’.
  • Each item on the Tech Tree must be unlocked with the correct ‘Tier Points’.
  • You can exchange points earned in any Tier to ‘Über Tech Points’ using Galaxy Cash.
  • All existing surplus TP has been converted to ‘Über Tech Points’.
  • More to come on the Tech Tree in future with CPU and larger Motherships being added.
  • Tech Points are no longer multiplier-for-damage based on the tier of robot you shoot.
  • Tech Tree TP costs have been rebalanced along with this change.


  • Wheels now get larger at higher levels
  • Physics on wheels has been overhauled and improved
  • Better suspension, better grip, improved steering, improved differential and improved braking
  • Wheels are now faster at lower tiers
  • Wheels are effected more by mass, so if your Robot is large it will move slower
  • High level wheels can carry more mass before slowing down
  • Powerless wheels have been made obsolete; we have reimbursed all RP for lost wheels at 100% of their current value in the Depot
  • BUG: Fixed random sliding sideways down slopes.
  • BUG: Power distributed more evenly across wheels to prevent ‘squirming’ when different levels are combined.


  • Rebalanced. Faster and more responsive at lower tiers and with lower masses.
  • Hoverblades lose effectiveness when they are not near a ground surface.
  • BUG: Fixed a bug causing hover blades to travel at super-fast speeds when tilted forwards.


  • Armor now has larger mass at higher levels
  • L10 armor has 3 x the mass of L1 armor (so same mass as ‘Heavy Cube’ at L10)
  • 5 x New Armored Helium Cubes L1-L5
  • Higher levels have more lift and armor
  • NOTE: You will need to use High Level Armored Helium to make old T10 fliers fly
  • New Helium Cubes are available right now to ALL users, no ‘Early Access’


  • Charging mechanic changed.
  • Rail now auto-charges and holds its charge until fired.
  • Rail now takes a lot longer to charge first weapon (20 seconds)
  • All other weapons charge VERY quickly after the first.
  • You cannot fire until all weapons are charged.
  • Each Rail fired separately, so when you charge 6 you can fire 6 separate times.
  • Laser sight has been added which shows which way your first Rail is pointing.
  • Laser only shows when Rail is fully charged.
  • Beware! Your enemy can see your laser sight too.


  • Prices for a garage slot and Premium have been increase, but we still think they are fair and a fantastic value
  • All cubes now go from Level 1-10 instead of L1, L1s, etc.
  • Green ‘in range’ indicator on crosshair removed for all weapons (a.k.a. ‘hitscan’)
  • Fire-rate of single and dual SMG reduced
  • First-rate of single Plasma reduced from 2-3 seconds
  • Thrusters, Aerofoils and Helium all now get reduced lift at very high altitude
  • Enemy Radar ranges buffed
  • Radar Receiver rangers are now huge, allowing you to receive Ally Radar info from all over the map (NB: Your Ally still has to be near enough to the enemy for you to pick them up)
  • Radar Jammers should also play a more important role now, too
  • Buffed armor of weapons and other key cubes so they are a flat multiple of weapon damage at each tier
  • Servers now automatically scale up and down as more users come online and in the UK evening when we have less users online
  • All descriptions in the Depot, Inventory and Tech Tree update
  • Cleaned up spawning a bit, so a load progress bar appears as units spawn in and fades when complete
  • BUG: Fixed a bug where SMGs could fire in directions that they were not facing
  • BUG: Fixed a bug where Rail Cannon had a limited range

HOT FIX – 0.6.710Edit

- Buffed weapon armor by 30%
- Reduced SMG recoil force again so that we reduce gun chairing

HOT FIX - 0.6.708Edit

- Friend list clipping fixes
- Friends list drop down no longer stays on screen when used
- Hex Tree info box displays on items that are available to be unlocked
- Hex Tree load time improved
- Health bars changed to show ‘health’ as opposed to ‘CPU’
- Bravery Bonus is now correctly displayed in bonus screen, even when you quit Spectator Mode
- Teleport Countdown does not prevent you from exiting Spectator Mode
- Crosshair removed when in Spectator Mode
- Reduce the long period of time you have to wait at the end of a battle, before teleporting back to Mothership
- Added a small delay after you die, before you enter Spectator Mode of a couple of seconds, so it’s less confusing
- Added a small fade when you transition to Spectator Mode
- Reduced the max ceiling of all levels to the clipping plane. We don’t want users just flying way up into the sky, beyond the clipping plane, griefing users on the ground. We want a fair fight for everyone
- Reduced the recoil on the SMG, so that fliers using SMG can control the fire a lot better, and to reduce the amount of gun-chairs in game



- New Hexagonal progression on the Tech Tree
- Spectator Mode, so you can watch how the battle plays out after you died
- Added a % CPU indicator on the enemy ID HUD, this shows % of remaining CPU
- Show the amount of damage you are doing with each hit. NB: If a large chunk of enemy falls off with a single hit, the damage shown is more
- Player health indicator shown in the HUD when you are hit by an enemy
- Full Screen effect added to help show you when you are taking damage
- Added a ‘successful hit’ indicator onto the cross hair, so you know when you hit an enemy


- Remove the ‘double shot’ on first shot, to reduce DPS when the weapon is most accurate
- Ensured that tapping the fire button gives the same degradation of accuracy as holding down the trigger
- Increased the amount that damaged is reduced at long range, so SMG’s do less damage at long range


- Added a non-linear charge up time for each additional weapon
- Fixed sound sound issues so that you hear all of the weapons charge and fire more reliably
- Fixed a bug which meant that last weeks increase to the time it took to overheat made no difference
- So the Rail Cannon now takes 5 seconds to overheat as opposed to 2 seconds

Plasma Cannon

- Fixed a bug which meant any blast damage outside of 2 world units would not do damage
- So we decreased the blast radius a bit as this would likely make Plasma OP
- You should still see a noticeable improvement in how effective Plasma is as an area effect weapon

Other Changes

- Aim Mode camera height increased, so it sits higher above the Pilot Seat by default
- Culling changed to ‘Spherical Culling’ removing the issue of being able to see more at the edges of the screen
- Fog distance and Robot render distance is now the same, so if you can see the enemy in the sky, they can also see you
- Sounds when you hit enemies successfully have been boosted, to give you better feedback for when you hit or miss
- Decreased size of Ice Map by 20%, and added some more cover
- Fixed a bug when selling cubes that could allow you to generate free RP by following a certain set of steps


Thank you so much for all your amazing feedback on the last update. We are preparing an update right now which should go live tonight in a few hours time. It includes the following changes:

SMG ====================

- Overall damage reduction of around 15%

- We have added a default inaccuracy, so you can never get perfect accuracy with the SMG, this change in our tests has reduced the DPS to fliers up in the sky by around 40% (as more of your shots miss, even if you pulse the trigger)

- Fire-rate gets to max with 6 weapons (as opposed to 8)

- The cap on range has been removed, so the projectiles can fly across the entire map (this was how it was intended on first launch, but there was a bug)

- Damage at range has been reduced slightly (10%). This combined with the accuracy change helps to reduce the DPS at long range a fair bit

PLASMA ===================

- With the last release we noticed a bug which caused high level Plasma to do very low damage, which we have fixed

- Plasma damage has been buffed by around 15% at low Tier, and significantly at high Tier

- Plasma blast radius increased by 10%, and damage at the edge of the blast increased

- Time to reload 1 Plasma has been increased to 3 seconds, whilst keeping 6 at 5 seconds

RAIL CANNON ===================

- 15% Buff in damage – Charge time changes to 1.5 seconds per weapon

- Overheat time extended to 2x the original amount giving you more time to aim More changes to the weapons are coming with an update that will follow early next week along with the release of the Hex Tree. These are…

- SMG short pause after first shot before going into ‘machine gun’ mode will be gone

- Plasma cannot currently damage more than one Robot within the same blast, this will be fixed

- Rail will recharge non-linearly (i.e. 1st weapon in 2 secs, second in 1.5 secs, 3rd in 1 sec, etc) We are also working on all for release very soon…

- Hex Tree – Many sound, visual, and HUD improvements to provide better feedback in combat (i.e. knowing you hit stuff, knowing you’ve been hit, knowing where you’ve been hit from – Spectator Mode

- Fixes to the long stalls when the battle starts – Weight Matters (overhauling wheels, hoverblades, armor, so weight makes more of a difference)

- High level Helium (less drag, more lift, more armor)

- Electroplate Armor (huge armor plates that cost high CPU, have high RR, and recharge if you don’t get hit for a while)


GAME CHANGER ALERT!   We have made a whole heap of changes which are part of a 3 phase process to improve the combat so it is more strategic, more tactical, and to ensure that your Robot design matters more.   Here is a full list of the changes that are coming:   Major Armor and Damage Changes – 5 new armor levels added in between the existing 5 – Users with black armor will still have the highest level armor in game – Delta between lowest and highest level armor massively increased, so L5 was 2.5x tougher than LSC, and now L10 will be 10x tougher than LSC. – Damages of weapons have been reworked to match armor at same levels trying to maintain the current average time it takes to kill a Robot + 25% – Movement, Hardware and Special cube armor has been reduced a little making shooting off of components more of a valid tactic, especially for SMG’s when up close – Will be accessible to all users on Sunday the 11th of May at 5pm   Armor HP

LCC L1 L2 L3 L4 L5 L6 L7 L8 L9 L10
50 88 136 203 291 402 533 676 820 948 1043

Laser Cannon becomes the SMG (Subatomic Machine Gun) – Designed to behave more like a sci-fi machine gun – Fire-rate doubled, so it goes up to 10 shots per second with 8 SMG’s – Range as far as you can see – Damage is reduced by around 40% at long range – Accuracy gets poor quickly when you hold down the trigger – Pulsing the trigger every couple of seconds gets you good accuracy, but less DPS – View range for all weapons is the same now, so if a Plasma Bomber can see you, you can also see them – Zoom has been increased slightly, i.e. 15% – Damage between each level has been increased, so you really notice when you level up a weapon   SMG DMG (point blank)

L1 L1S L2 L2S L3 L3S L4 L4S L5 L5S
55 126 256 473 809 1296 1954 2780 3735 4740

Plasma Cannon becomes Plasma Launcher – Designed to behave like a sci-fi grenade \ rocket launcher – New ‘shrapnel’ based damage model – Shrapnel has ‘occlusion’ so blasts spread, but layers of armor help protect you – Blast radii increased significantly, so area of effect is more useful – Plasma damage should be much more predictable now, so less sudden one-shot kills when you thought you had protected your Pilot Seat with tons of black armor   Rail Cannon – Designed to behave like a sci-fi sniper rifle – Hold down the trigger to charge each Cannon one at a time – Each cannon takes around 2 seconds to charge – Charge up to a maximum of 6 cannons – Release the trigger and all ‘charged’ cannons will fire – Each cannon fires with a slight timing offset so you can drag and create a line if you wish, or focus all damage on one point – Rails are perfectly accurate at infinite range if you hold still – Rail’s lose their accuracy when you move, so keeping pretty still is critical when firing – Rail Cannons have been designed to be different tactically to other weapons, but not more powerful – Early access release to premium users, and then 3 days later all users – Match-making has been changed to ensure that an even spread of weapon types is made on each team to maintain fairness between teams – So if there are 2 Rails in battle, there will be one on each team – Will be accessible to all users on Sunday the 11th of May at 5pm Match-Making – Changes designed to make MM fairer – Multiple Platoons are split between teams, so you don’t get 2 on one team and 0 on the other – Weapon types are match-made, so the MM system attempts to put an even amount of SMG, Plasma and Rail on each team – In future we’ll take Wheels, Hovers, Fliers into account in the MM too, but that is not handled at present – Changes to the MM and queue system to reduce the waiting times for mid-high Tier Robots   Robot Ranking and Tier Changes – This is a huge change, it’s just changes to the numbers under the hood but it will make a big difference – Robot Ranking now increases semi-exponentially as you progress through Tiers – This means it will be impossible to get a single L5S SMG into a low tier match, or even a single L10 armor cube, reducing ‘griefing’ of low Tier users – It should also prevent inexperienced users jumping Tier too quickly before they are ready – This change allowed us to make the increase in power of a cube (like an SMG or Armor) much larger as you level up without ruining the game for users in low Tiers – This change also ensures a more steady progression through the Tiers – Please be aware, it will likely make some Robot designs jump up or down Tier depending on the design – This should also create a scenario where, if your Robot design is good within a Tier, you notice you win more, and when you start your journey in a new Tier you find it tough at first, so each new Tier represents a new challenge   Other Changes – View range for all weapon types is now the same – View range is maximum, i.e. at the clipping plane when zoomed in for all weapons – CPU of Enemy Radar increased for L2 and L3 – BUG FIX: Fixed a bunch of bugs with the chat widget, i.e. stuff like the game locking up if you receive an invite whilst chatting – Depth of Field (i.e. blurry in distance) effect removed so High GFX settings do not have blurriness in distance – Anti-aliasing added at high GFX settings instead   Known Bugs We’ll fix these with hot fixes tomorrow and Monday - SMG special effects can be seen coming through walls sometimes. This is not a hacker and the damage cannot get through walls, but the SFX are sometimes drawn through walls - ‘Accept’ button on the Platoon and Friend invite panels is wrongly positioned in some resolutions   WARNING! There are A LOT of changes here, so although we have tested it a lot, there may be some new balance issues. Please give us your feedback on the game forums and we will aim to address issues quickly

BUG FIXES - 0.6.681 A few Minor Bug Fixes Have Been Cleaned UpEdit

  • An issue some players encountered where they were unable to login has now been fixed.
  • An issue with the loading bar not working has also now been fixed fixed.
  • A bug where it was not possible to change your screen resolution after playing a game has been fixed.
  • A few minor performance issues have also been fixed.


Early access to 2 new cubes for Premium users starts today with the Radar Jammer and Receiver. These cubes will be available to all users on Saturday 3rd at 3pm. RADAR RECEIVER:

  • Allows you to receive the signal from the Enemy radars of your team mates.
  • So if an ally steams into battle on the front line, the enemies his radar picks up will appear on your HUD map.
  • 5x Levels available, so L1-5
  • Higher Powered receivers have a greater range.
  • The range is the distance between you and an ally to pick up their Radar signal.
  • If your Allies radar is shot off, the enemies will disappear from your map.


  • Will “jam” the signal of your enemies Radar.
  • Jamming effectively makes you disappear from your enemies radar intermittently.
  • 5x Levels of Jammer with increasing Jamming Power.
  • More jamming power means you are invisible for longer and only appear on the enemies map for short periods of time.
  • More jammers on your Robot also stack up to give you more jamming power.
  • Higher level Enemy Radar need higher level Jammers to disrupt their signal.


  • Bug fix where users with virtual joysticks had Robots that would start moving off when no keys were depressed.
  • NB: Although we’re not officially supporting joy-pads and sticks at this point, we have mapped all key combat controls to buttons and axis so that joysticks and pads should be able to be configured to work
  • Early access to premium users on new cubes, timer shows when cubes will be available to non premium in the Tech Tree
  • NB: Early access time period was reduced from 7 to 3 days
  • Bug fix so you can move the camera and look around during the initial battle countdown
  • Made the 4th slot on the Platoon menu look normal if you have Premium, just so this is clearer

REPAIRS – 0.6.347 – 15% PLASMA BUFFEdit

Treading the fine line of OP and UP on the Plasma’s and trying to compute the myriad of awesome feedback from all you Jammers we’ve decided to give the Plasma’s a small 15% buff. DETAILS:

  • Only change is a 15% increase in damage
  • Blast radius, projectile velocity, accuracy etc. all stay the same


23 10 26 12
26 11 30 13
28 12 32 14
31 13 36 15
34 14 39 16
37 15 43 17
40 16 46 18
42 17 48 20
45 18 52 21
48 19 55 22


  • Major bug fix which caused all clients in a battle to hang \ crash if one of the teams had more than 14 players in it


I response to feedback from the user-base about repair costs and times being too high we have just made a quick update in the cloud to revert the changes to the repair times and costs to the levels prior to the 6.345 update below. Just login again to get the changes.



  • It’s free, just enter the code FREEJAM-362711 when you login
  • 3 days free premium membership
  • Anyone can enter the code, both new and existing users
  • You must enter the code before midnight on Sunday 6th March to get the 3 days
  • If you already have membership, it will add an additional 3 days
  • If you like Robocraft and want to help it grow, please share the code with your friends


  • Movement speed now affects the ‘spread’ or accuracy of the projectiles
  • Moving very slow or staying still will produce more accuracy than before
  • Moving too fast will reduce your accuracy and increase the spread of the projectiles
  • Ground units should find it easy to sit still, so this gives a slight advantage to ground units over flying units when using Plasma
  • Flying units can move slow enough to get full accuracy, Ric has tested this with his fliers
  • Damage at the centre of the blast reduced a tiny tiny amount (from 48 to 47 for L5S)
  • Damage at the edge of the blast reduced by more (i.e. 30 to 20 for LS5) to reduce the size of the holes created in high level armor

NOTE: Armor is a lot more susceptible to Plasma than Laser damage due to the blast radius, so having tough armor vs. Plasma is important. If you have weak armour vs. high powered Plasma, expect to have large holes carved out of your Robot when you take direct hits. SOME OTHER CHANGES:

  • Galaxy Cash purchases in British Pounds fixed
  • RP gains reduced overall by 5%
  • Repair times and costs increased
  • Camera now more precise, so less laggy when you move around
  • Camera rotation speed reduced based on zoom level (which is different between weapon types) when in Aim Mode
  • Chat widget added back in during start of battle countdown
  • All (max 6) Plasma cannons now fire on first volley; there was a bug where on first shot it was only 2



  • Damage model of the Plasma Cannons has changed
  • The damage in overlapping blast area’s no longer ‘adds’ together
  • Plasma Cannons projectiles are now much faster
  • Plasma Cannon damage has been increased
  • Plasma Cannon blast radius has been decreased
  • Turret rotation speed has been increased


  • Mouse sensitivity settings for Build and Battle modes can now be controlled
  • New ‘Invert Y’ option for those who like to play the game upside down
  • Profanity filter is now live, it is only in it’s infancy at the moment and will improve over time. We are not aiming to filter all profanity from the game, we are just aiming to reduce a % of it.
  • You can turn off the profanity filter in the settings if you want to.


  • Promotional codes are now live.
  • New users can use codes to get free stuff when they register.
  • Existing users will be able to find codes in YouTube videos and on our FB and Twitter feeds which we will occasionally release to give everyone free stuff.
  • First code will release tomorrow, so be sure to Follow us on Twitter at @Robocraftgame to receive that.


  • Users with more than 19 garage slots can now access their other slots (sorry for that bug)
  • Users with ‘-‘ and ‘.’ in their username can now login again (sorry for that bug too)
  • Hover Blades can no longer be placed vertically. If you have hover blades placed in this way, you will get an error when you try to enter battle. Please remove them and replace them.
  • Ally HUD now renders at all times, so you know where you allies are.
  • Server has been optimised so that we can support more players in battle. We will monitor it and increase battle sizes if it seems OK over the next few days.
  • Improved hack protection on server, so less false positives, and better hack detection
  • Game now fades in again making spawning in a bit tider


A quick update to make a few balance changes to Plasma Cannons, a few bug fixes, and to release a few improvements to the Lobby System. PLASMA CANNON: – Goal of the changes is to reduce the effectiveness of ‘point blank Plasma shot-gun’ (just to reduce it, not nerf it altogether though as it is quite fun too) – Another goal is to increase the effectiveness of the Plasma Cannon as a long range weapon – Damage at the centre of the blast has been increased – The blast radius now expands over the first 0.8 seconds of the flight of the projectile, from 10% of its size to 100% – This means point blank shots do more damage, but in a very localised area – Also, if you aim at a target very close to you and miss, you will not benefit from much splash damage – At distance, the increased damage means your full blast radius can do much more damage than before, so if you hit something far away, you will hurt it – Fire rate of a single Plasma Cannon has been slowed, so it ranges from 2 – 6 seconds, with 1 – 6 Plasma Cannons respectively – The projectile velocity has been slowed slightly to make them a little easier to dodge, and the time in flight increased to maintain the same overall range NEW LOBBY: – The new Lobby screen has a lot more information on it, as follows: Robots Ready = Number of Robots waiting in the queue for a battle at each Tier Robots Online = Number of users online with a Robot in their Mothership at Tier ‘x’ NB: These users could be in battle, in the queue, or in the mothership chatting or building etc. Servers Available = Number of servers waiting to server you a battle, one server per battle Num Battles Today = The total number of battles that have been launches today, from midnight (UK time) – We have fixed a bunch of bugs in the queue / lobby system that should once again, which should reduce your overall wait times – The lobby system aim to create large full matches, but when there are not enough Robots in the queue at your Tier and if you’ve been waiting a long time, it may generate a game for you with less Robots in it BUG FIXES: – Improved our release process, so when we release updates you don’t need to download so many files. This update should be just 50Mb as opposed to the usual 200Mb – Fixed a bug where Plasma Cannon shells could sometimes shoot straight through the cubes in your own Robot – Fixed the cross hair which now turns orange when your Plasma blast hits something – Fixed an issue with registration where and email address didn’t receive their authorisation email address


MAIN FEATURES: – Plasma Cannons launched – full details here – Platoon Chat added – more details here – New Alpha \ Closed Alpha registration queuing system added – more details here OTHER CHANGES: – Fire rate of 6+ Laser Cannons increased by 7.5%


TWEAKS: – Improved the MM, so a Robot will never have to battle someone more than 2 Tiers lower or high than them – Improved the battle launch system so that multiplayer battles can launch in parallel reducing average wait times


TWEAKS: – 15% more RP given for Damage – 15% more RP given for Kills – Tweaked ‘Tir Boundaries’ so that the Robots in game are spread more evenly across the Tiers, especially in the low tier range


ENGINE SUPERCHARGED: – Many many optimisations made to the Robocraft game engine – Destruction engine overhauled to reduce spikes \ lag during combat – Cube rendering engine overhauled to reduce ‘Fill Rate’ hit on low end graphics cards – Computationally expensive SFX reworked to ensure a stable frame-rate during combat – The main performance limitations preventing us from doing some amazing things in Robocraft was the destruction engine getting slower exponentially with the size of the Robot – We have now normalized the destruction algorythem without compromising the core mechanics so that the size of the Robot doesn’t really affect the performance of destruction COSMETIC CUBES: – New cube catagory added called ‘Cosmetic’ – These cubes do not give you any competitive advantage – You do not need to unlock Cosmetic Cubes (this may change in future for some) – You can only buy cosmetic cubes with Galaxy Cash (we may offer some with RP in future) – First set of costmetic cubes are national flag badges that you can put on your Robot – We also have 2 ‘Dev Supporter’ badges, wear these on your Robot to show your support for what Freejam are donig with Robocraft – Sorry if we have missed your nation, we will release other flag badges in future to cover more nations – More cosmetic cubes to come very soon SOME OTHER CHANGES: – Lens flares fixed, these had broken – Barricades added to the 3 multiplayer maps for improved defence – Lighting has been improved in the mothership so you can see underneath your Robot more clearly


BUY IN MORE CURRENCIES: – You can now buy Galaxy Cash in Russian Rubles, as well as Euro and US Dollars MORE PAYMENT METHODS SUPPORTED: – PayPal – Visa Card – Master Card – Boku (mobile \ cell phone) – Centil1 (mobile \ cell phone) – Google Wallet – Web Money – Qiwi – Yandex


Here’s how it works: – Press ‘L’ to access the Social menu or access it via the TAB menu – Currently only the ‘Platoons’ tab is accessible, but this is where you will later access ‘Friends’ and ‘Clans’ – To create a Platoon, simply ‘Invite’ other users to your platoon by typing their name in the box at the bottom of the screen and click on ‘Invite’ – You can only Invite users who are online at the time – You must type the username correctly, including capital letters – The user will receive the invite in the form of a pop up message asking them to ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ your invite – Once the user has ‘accepted’ your invite they are in a Platoon with you – All users in a Platoon must declare they are ready for battle by hitting the ‘Battle’ button or pushing the ‘O’ keyboard shortcut – As soon as all users are entered for battle, the lobby will match-make your Platoon into a battle – Platoons are ‘match-made’ against the Tier of the most powerful Robot in your Platoon, so if you have a T10, and a T3, you will be in a T10 match – The MM also takes into account that a Platoon has an advantage as they are ‘working together’ – All users can form a Platoon of up to 3, Premium users get an extra slot so can form Platoons of 4 – Only the leader needs to have Premium to have 4 in a Platoon – The HUD will notify you if your Platoon members are waiting for you to join – If you invite others to join your Platoon you are the Platoon “leader” – If the Platoon leader goes offline the leader is passed automatically to another person in the Platoon – The ‘leader’ can choose to ‘remove’ users from their platoon at any time by clicking on the arrow button next to their name – Any user in a Platoon can choose to leave the platoon by clicking on the ‘Leave Platoon’ button at the bottom of the screen – Users can only be in one Platoon at a time – If you log out you automatically leave the Platoon – You can click ‘Send a message’ to setup a /w (i.e. a whisper) to that username MINOR UPDATE – 0.6.308 – ARMOR DOUBLE BUFF FEATURES: – Armor difference between each armor has been double buffed (so an additional buff since the changes made Saturday) – Armor values have been updated in the descriptions in the Cube Depot – The damage of Top Mount Laser Cannons has not changed since Friday’s update, the descriptions in the Cube Depot have been updated to match the damage values stored in Robocloud – Range variation across the Lasers from L1 to L5S have been re-introduced, with the L5S Front Mount Laser Cannon range staying as it was at 55m – Top Mount Laser Cannons now have 4% less range than the Front Mounts, but do 4% more damage – All range and damage values have been updated in the descriptions – Enemy Radar range has been updated in the description to match the actual range values stored in Robocloud (NB: The ranges themselves have not changed) – Fixed a bug causing the new Battle Queue system to lock up preventing users entering battle – Collision box of the L1 and L1S Thruster has been reverted to 1x1x1 cube to allow for more flexibility when building fliers etc. – Armor of low level Thrusters has been reduced significantly to reduce the effectiveness of using L1 Thruster as armor (NB: L5S Thruster armor has not been reduced)


FEATURES: – Armor difference between each armor has been double buffed (so an additional buff since the changes made Saturday) – Armor values have been updated in the descriptions in the Cube Depot – The damage of Top Mount Laser Cannons has not changed since Friday’s update, the descriptions in the Cube Depot have been updated to match the damage values stored in Robocloud – Range variation across the Lasers from L1 to L5S have been re-introduced, with the L5S Front Mount Laser Cannon range staying as it was at 55m – Top Mount Laser Cannons now have 4% less range than the Front Mounts, but do 4% more damage – All range and damage values have been updated in the descriptions – Enemy Radar range has been updated in the description to match the actual range values stored in Robocloud (NB: The ranges themselves have not changed) – Fixed a bug causing the new Battle Queue system to lock up preventing users entering battle – Collision box of the L1 and L1S Thruster has been reverted to 1x1x1 cube to allow for more flexibility when building fliers etc. – Armor of low level Thrusters has been reduced significantly to reduce the effectiveness of using L1 Thruster as armor (NB: L5S Thruster armor has not been reduced)


ICE PLANET (codename GJ1214b): – First Ice Planet map – Much larger than Mars – Save gravity and atmosphere density as Mars – Ice surfaces are very slippery BALANCE CHANGES: – Damage increased on weapons at the high tier, to reduce the time it takes to destroy Robots – Robot Ranking increased on high powered weapons, to make it less likely they will appear at low Tier – Fire rate has been reduced for a single weapon, and recoil reduced, to reduce gun-chairing and make it fairer when high tiered guns come into low tiered matches – RP gained from damage increased by 50% – RP gained from kills reduced by 25% – RP cost of repair reduced by 50% – Time to repair reduced by 50% – Base capture time increased by 50% to 90 seconds for a single Robot on base OTHER FEATURES: – Mars maps #1 and #2 tweaked to add additional defensive positions, and to reduce ‘race to base’ game-play – New cube: Inner corner, in all varieties – New ‘delete cube’ feature, hold down the right mouse button and hover up those cubes – Bevel removed from all cubes, this is an important step towards Megabots – New ‘MOD’ tools, MODS can now /warn, any user receiving 3 warnings from MODS will be automatically suspended – Users will not be able to enter battle until they have clicked ‘OK’ on a warning issued by a MOD – We also have support for ‘silent MODS’, i.e. mods with the tag [MOD] – DEV’s now highlighted with a [DEV] tag OTHER NOTES: – Platoons: This work is nearly complete, we will be launching this feature next week – Plasma Cannons: Brian will be restarting work on these this week, so we’re about 2-3 weeks away – Megabots: HUGE leaps have been made on this, we now have a 50,000 cube megabot being annihilated by 10 x T10 Robots with L5 Lasers all firing simultaneously at 40 fps on our min spec PC, so we’re nearly there


FEATURES: – Temporary bug fix to reduce the chance of users getting the infinite ‘Connecting to server…’ issue so we no longer need to reboot the servers every 3 hours – Laser Guns now fire in the direction they are pointing, so they don’t fire at angles they can’t point – Users should see Error Code 051 a lot less often now, some users were seeing this even when not hacking


MAIN FEATURES: – New colored armor cubes from L1 – L5 – Armor takes more hits to kill, top level armor takes 6 hits from an L1 Cannon per cube – Weapons now do more damage, so L1 Laser does 30 damage, and L1 S-TYPE 40, etc etc. – Tiers have been re-adjusted to account for new armor making Robots even more powerful than before, so the old T10 is now a T7 or 8 OTHER KEY FEATURES: – FPS optimized even more, especially for large Robots – More Robots in a single battle, up to 16 per battle – All Robots spawn near each other at the start now – Instant repair is now instant (well at the most 1 second) – Accuracy of weapons has been improved – New spam flood filter, so spammers get prevented from spamming automatically with an automatic cooldown – Spam cooldown gets longer the more times you try and spam – You can now chat during the initial countdown when you get into the level – BUG FIX: Hang during selling has been fixed – BUG FIX: Another ‘Placement Glitch’ bug fix


FEATURES: – MUCH LESS LAG when fighting and all round – Improved average frame-rate even more – Much more precise tracking of your enemies position across the server, so enemies and allies will look smoother etc. – Fixed loads of bugs in the menu’s, for example your mouse no longer resets its position each time you choose a new screen


Less Lag all Round: – Game engine upgraded to the latest version of Unity 4.3.1 (which is faster) – Game now makes use of Unity’s UMBRA Occlusion system, which speeds up graphics rendering and CPU – Seb and Ric have done some optimisations of graphics and CPU for the lowest 3 graphics modes, i.e. Fastest, Fast, Normal – Large frame-stalls when T10 Robots come on and off screen are now reduced New Server: – Much less lag on server, so Robots on your screen are much much closer to the position they are on your enemies screen – Enemy and Ally Robots should seem a lot more ‘smooth’ now – Connection to sever improved so you should get into games more reliably and see the “connection to sever lost” less frequently. – The above should mean: 1 – You can now use ‘cover’ properly when fighting 2 – Much less – if any – shooting through walls, terrain, rocks etc. 3 – Allies should stop driving straight through you for no apparent reason a lot less often now, if they do it now, they did it on purpose 4 – NB: Please note, the collision between Robots still needs work. This is something that will be improved very soon. New ‘TAB’ menu: – Push to reveal the Top Bar Menu and gives you mouse control – All interface screens can be accessed from the Top Bar menu – Pushing TAB reveals the all important Battle button, click this to Enter Battle – Push TAB again to clear any menu, ESC also clears all menu’s now – To exit Battle or Practice Mode push ESC, you have to do it via the menu now. This prevents accidental exiting from battle whilst typing in the chat. – Shortcut keys have changed: B = Battle Menu \ Enter Battle O = Shortcut to Battle Online, enters you into the Battle Countdown P = Practice Mode E = Is disabled and no longer does anything


MAIN FEATURES: – All Lasers now do more damage, so all lasers will eat into lots of chassis cubes much faster now – L1′s destroy 3 cubes at a time, and L5′s destroy 7 – Armour of cubes has been adjusted upwards to match the change in damage, so an L1 Laser still takes two shots to shoot off an L1 S-TYPE – Laser Cannon Special Effects are now ‘bigger’ at low levels – Laser Cannon fire pattern has changed. Pulse fire, now fires your lasers in pairs. Hold the fire button to cycle between your lasers one at a time. – Camera can now be zoomed in and out using the mouse wheel OTHER FEATURES: – New users now have cooler tougher Robots to start with – New users now start with a few more cubes in their inventory – New users now start with 3 Robots in the Garage, i.e. one in each slot – Match-making between teams has been tweaked to use ‘Tier’ instead of ‘Robot Ranking’ reducing the ‘boss battle’ effect slightly, but not entirely

NEW RELEASE – 0.6.230 TP, Lvl, and CPU BONANZAEdit

Player Level Bonanza: – All users will level up at a much higher rate – It will still be pretty tough to get to level 100 though (you’ll need to do around 1000 battles from when you register) – This means you’ll be able to increase your CPU at a faster rate too TP Bonanza: – Earn TP faster, now you get TP in more ways – Earn 1 TP for every battle you enter – Earn 1 extra TP for every Victory – Earn 1 TP for each Base Capture segment you get – Earn TP for every kill at 1 TP for each Tier the Robot you killed (so 10 TP for killing a T10 Robot) – All TP costs in the Tech Tree have been re-balanced so you’ll find it easier to unlock the high end stuff now (it was a bit ridiculously expensive for anyone but the users who have been playing since RP Crystals) PS: Ric wants me to make it clear to you all that the image in this post wasn’t his doing, and that it’s designer art ;( UPDATE: 14/11/2013: – Level up progress bar in the Mothership is fixed, so now shows the progress towards the next level.


Major changes as follows: – You always earn a good amount of RP every battle, even if you lose – But, you can double, even triple your RP if you and your team does well – Bravery Bonus is now awarded if you lose, i.e. get killed, teleport out because you got stuck, or if your base is captured – You get more Bravery Bonus the longer you survive – Bravery Bonus scales up as you get higher Tier – Victory Bonus now grows considerably with Tier, it’s 200 at T1 and 3267 at T10 – At T1 you can buy something new after every battle (roughly) i.e. new L1 Wheel, L1 Laser, L1 Thruster, etc. – As you get higher Tier it takes longer to get the cubes, unless you play well – RP Prices at the low end have been made considerably cheaper – RP prices at the high end have been made considerably more expensive, but you get MUCH more RP at the top end now so it will balance out – More emphasis has been placed on Victory and less emphasis on Damage, Kills, and Base Caps – But, you can still boost your earnings a lot by getting good damage, lots of kills, and capturing the base All in all you should find you’re earning way more RP and getting new stuff much more quickly in game. NB: These changes are designed mainly to help new comers to the game get a better initial experience and help populate the mid Tiers by helping new users through the Tiers more quickly Other fixes: – You no longer get Base Capture bonus unless you are on the base yourself – Friction of Plastic and Heavy cubes is less, i.e. they are more slippery, which is designed to help you get stuck less often UPDATE: 14/11/2013: – Drank too much of Sebs coffee and it made us put all the prices down again so L5 S-TYPES are just 13k RP now.

MINOR UPDATE – 0.6.220Edit

FEATURES: – Infamous “placement glitch” is now much harder to achieve – Enemies now properly colored – Screen sometimes got stuck in a blurred state when using Instant Repair feature – Hover Blades speed increased, especially at the high levels – You can now exit the game from the log in screen by pressing ESC (this got broke, and is now fixed)

MINOR UPDATE – 0.6.218Edit

FEATURES: – Increased frame-rate by fixing a bug introduced when the team colors went in, more optimisations to come tomorrow – Added fancy blurry backgrounds to all the interface screens


Get an edge in battle – go S-TYPE: – New S-TYPE versions of all major cubes including Wheels, Hover Blades, Thrusters, and Laser Cannons – All S-TYPE (stands for ‘Shield Type’) cubes have increased armour – All S-TYPE cubes have increased performance – RP cost of low level cubes has been increased – Gap between each level of cube in RP cost has been decreased – CPU cost of S-TYPE’s are only slightly more than the equivalent standard type Some other features of this update: – Stop a base capture from progressing by getting a Robot on your base when it is under attack – Improved team match-making – Added 2x Front L1 S-TYPE Laser Cannons to the new user starting Robot – Added a progress bar to the Login screen – New Loading screens showing you which Mars map you’re loading into


MAIN FEATURES: – All Laser Cannons, Wheels, Hover Blades, and Thrusters now have armor plating – Chunks of armor fall off each of them as they are shot so you can see how damaged your components are after a fight – All damaged components are instantly repaired on return to Mothership for free, so you only pay for the repair if you lose it completely SOME OTHER TWEAKS: – Enemy and Ally name HUD’s are now colored so you can identify friend or foe more easily – “Level Up” animation fixed so you now see it – was broken so never appeared (you did still level up though) – Battle Start countdown increased to 15 seconds to allow everyone to load in and let you read the Robot names if you load in more quickly – Fixed a bug which prevented you shoot your Lasers if your camera passed into a rock or the terrain MINOR UPDATE – 0.6.202 – USABILITY IMPROVEMENTS FEATURES: – Added a new ‘Controls’ screen to help new users learn the keyboard shortcuts etc. – Added some text at the top of each screen to help new users understand the function of each screen – Tweaked the text to the Enter Battle dialogue to make it clearer that you only earn RP in Battle Mode and not in Practice Mode – Fixed a bug where the Close button on the Enter Battle dialogue didn’t do anything, it now works


FEATURES: – “Enter Battle” option added to the Mothership Pause Menu – “Back To Mothership” option added to the Battle and Practice Mode Pause Menu’s


FEATURES: – Friendly Fire is now punished via the ‘Friendly Fire Penalty’ – Anyone who causes friendly fire damages pays for the repair of the damage out of their own RP balance. – It is possible to get negative RP if you’re trolling. – Bravery Bonus is also forfeited for committing friendly fire offences.


FEATURES: – Robocraft servers will build two teams designed to be a fair match. – Blue team versus Red team, you destroy all the Robots in the other team to win – Victory bonus is awarded to all Robots still alive when the battle is won – You will always be in the blue team, the enemy will always be in red – A new blue icon appears in the HUD of your allies so you can track them in the map whenever they are – Game has been optimized so you get less frame-rate dropping when large Robots are on screen – New Lobby Screen when you get into battle allows you to look around with the camera during the final countdown – Friendly fire warning added to warn when you are shooting your own team mates – You will not receive any RP for damage to your own team-mates – Freejam will be recording all friendly fire damage and any trolls will be suspended or banned


Some more bug fixes from today 15.10.2013: – ‘R’ to ‘Repair Instantly’ now works again, it was broken yesterday – ‘R’ to ‘Repair Instantly’ now repairs in an instant, sometimes previously it took as long as repairing for free – Bravery Bonus back in, it’s now based on how long you survive in the battle, but only gets awarded if you have a really bad battle – Fixed a bug which caused you to spawn on top of each other when in battles of more than 10 – Wheel motor audio is now working again, had stopped working for some reason – Fixed a big which prevented you exiting the game using the pause menu when on Mars – Game is paused during the final seconds of countdown on Mars so your Robot stays still and doesn’t start rolling down the hill etc. – Fixed a bug which stopped the music from playing on Mars #2 – Fixed a bug which prevented high Tier robots from playing in Battle Mode


More servers, bigger battles: – Servers scale automatically now, so at busy times there are more servers serving more players – Servers can now take up to 14 in a single battle – You should never see the dreaded “No server available for your Battle Class” anymore due to a lack of servers New “Battle Countdown” screen: – Shows all players available – Shows how many Robots of each Tier will be in each battle New “match-making” system: – System attempts to build games of 10-14 with all the Robots available at the end of the countdown – System attempts to put Robots onto servers with Robots of a similar Tier, based on those available Some other bug fixes 14.10.2013: – Optimized load times onto Mars both in Battle and Practice Modes – GFX settings now reliably switch when you change them in the Mothership – Mass of Prism’s and Tetra’s now proportional to their volume – Thrusters and Hover Blades now get ‘up thrust’ from bridges, Lasers now cannot shoot through bridges – ID HUD above enemies is now visible on Mars #2 – Game now teleports you away automatically when killed, even when you are floating slowly up into the air – Hover Blade audio only plays when hover blades attached (was playing all the time in the background)_ – Hover Blades now ‘tilt’ more when moving – HUD showing stats like RP and TP no longer appears in Practice Mode when you shoot enemies, as you don’t get RP in this mode – HUD showing stats like RP and TP now showing up reliably in Battle Mode when you shoot enemies – Users that enter a battle with just a Pilot Seat are no longer invincible – Hints now appear for new users to learn the short cut keys for the Cube Depot and Tech Tree screens

NEW RELEASE – 0.5.187 – MARS #2Edit

NEW FEATURE: – Random Maps – We’ve added a new Mars level, so the maps are now randomly selected.


Hover Blades are here!!! – 5 x Levels L1-L5 – Higher Level means higher top speed and more weight carrying capacity – Each blade has an intelligent autonomous processor in it that constantly angles the blades and modifies the thrust to maintain a stable hover flight for your Robot (as long as they are not over-burdened) – SPACE & SHIFT controls the ‘desired hover height’ NEW RELEASE – 0.5.182 – PERFORMANCE UPGRADE Seb put in some great optimizations to help users who have PC’s on the lower end of the scale. If you find the frame-rate is low, set the graphics settings down (hit ESC to access menu) and select FASTEST, FAST or SIMPLE. These three graphics settings have a different lighting and rendering system that is more optimal for lower end PC’s and laptops. Also in this release: – Fixes to bugs in how much RP you are awarded, sometimes you got too much, sometimes you didn’t get all you’d earned – Fixes to the Bravery Bobus, which wasn’t awarding itself correctly


A new build with some great new features. We’re trying something new. – Timer in Mothership HUD showing when the next battle will start – Sound beeps during last 30 seconds let you know when you ought to be entering the lobby – 2 Battle Classes, Tiers 1-3 and 4-10 – Removed the need to ‘wait for your Robot to come out of battle’ – Stopped your Robot entering the battle as you enter the lobby so you can enter \ exit the lobby at will New Galaxy Cash purchase options, you can now pay with: – Mobile \ Cell Phone – Credit \ Debug Cards – Gift \ Pre-Pay Cards – and via an Offer Wall (i.e. filling in surveys, watching videos etc) NOTE: Freejam cannot control the offers on the offer wall


A few tweaks to the game here and there: – 1 x Tech Point is awarded every time you enter a battle so new users getting killed still get at least 1 each time they battle – Added more detail to the ‘do not swear’ messaging in the lobby – Your Robot will still enter the battle if you quit the lobby before a game launches – Kill Chain, Bravery Bonus, and Victory Bonus are all awarded differently depending on what Tier your Robot is – Tweaked the look of the Battle Mode and Practice Mode buttons – Tech Points are now awarded based on the Robot Tier of the Robot you just killed (as opposed to the Player Level) – Rebalanced the Tech Tree TP costs due to above change – ‘Placement Glitch’ bug mostly fixed – You can now push ‘E’ ‘B’ or ‘P’ from anywhere in the Mothership (you don’t need to be right in front of the Pilot Seat) – New user starting Robots have been improved so they drive better and have more of a chance in battle


Bugs Fixed: – Repair Cubes process on top of Award Screen – Possible freezes after repair – Random loss of machines or cubes Know Bugs: – Load Garage State failed : need to quit the game – It is possible to place more than one seat cube – Rarely the not chassis cubes are not deleted during the editing – Auto repair right after the game begins could push the avatar outside the mothership – It is still possible to loose some cubes after a multiplayer session (rare)


Minor New Features: – Just added a new Player Level progress bar – Also added a ‘Load Robot’ button in the Garage that currently just closes the Garage Menu, but will eventually trigger the Robot load Bug Fixes: – Improved the visibility of the text in the bottom HUD in the Mothership showing the Robot Ranking, Tier, etc.


FEATURES: – PLAYER LEVEL – Users now level up faster. Old users will ‘jump’ levels to the right value. – ROBOT RANKING – Lowered the RR cost of Laser Cannons as the change made yesterday felt too ‘harsh’ and limited Robots too much, instead we’re going to add a second ‘CPU Power’ gauge which will control how many cubes you can put on your Robot.

NEW RELEASE – 0.4.160 – GARAGEEdit

FEATURES: – 3 slots are Free to all users – Buy additional slots with Galaxy Cash – You inventory is shared between all slots, so if you use a L5 Laser Cannon in one Robot it will not be available for your other Robots – You can name you Robots in each bay which updates the graphics on the floor of the garage and later this will appear in the mothership too. – You can buy more Pilot seats in the Cube depot. – You are limited to one pilot seat per robot.


FEATURES: – Added a new ‘Tier Gauge’ at the bottom of the HUD in the Mothership that shows you which ‘Tier’ you Robot is currently on – When entering online battles you will always be fighting Robots at the same Tier as your Robot – Currently there are 3 Tiers, and we will add more as we progress – Tier is based solely on the Robot Ranking of your Robot Note: Tier Robot Ranking values and the Robot Ranking cost of each cube will change from time to time, so you need to keep an eye on these values if you want to play on a specific Tier with friends etc. – We’ve added a new Robot Ranking meter which shows you how close you are to your maximum ranking, the black part of the bar shows you the max ranking that can be achieved in the game as a whole – Player Level and RP, GC and TP totals always displayed at the top of the HUD in the Mothership TWEAKS: – Robot Ranking cost of Laser Cannons increased, they also get higher with higher level Lasers (hopefully will reduce gun bed amounts on servers, so you need to make a more strategic choice on your Robot, i.e. more wheels \ chassis cubes may be a better idea than yet another Laser – Robot Ranking cost of Headlights decreased


- Think we’ve fixed a major bug where you get a ‘White Screen’ when getting back to the Mothership


- We’ve just released a quick update to fix a few bugs with logins to Robocloud. – We had a fair few users complaining of login and registration issues and this update is designed to make this a lot more reliable.


Fixes: – No more repairs in Practice Mode at all – IMPORTANT: Short cut keys for Battle Mode and Practice Mode changed to ‘B’ and ‘P’ (didn’t make sense to keep them as ‘O’ and ‘B’ anymore) – Fixed a bug in multiplayer that meant you often saw cubes flying off your vehicle but didn’t get the audio \ visual effects from the enemies lasers, so it felt like some mysterious force was gradually eroding your Robot – Updated the image for the Practice Mode button so it no longer showed a picture of the old green RP Gems – anyone remember those? Currently in progress: – Bri is working on the Garage – Ric is working on the Hover-Thrusters – Ed is working on round based Death-Match multiplayer and some other multiplayer improvements – Seb and I are working on the Galaxy Cash shop – I’ll also start the Profile and Leaderboards for the Mothership next week – We’ll also keep fixing bugs in between


Here are the changes in this release: – Kill Chain Bonus significantly increased in multiplayer, just a few kills – which is pretty hard anyway – will get you a descent reward – AI Bots mode changed to Practice Mod, note, you can now only earn RP and TP via the Battle Mode online – Sandbox Mode has been removed Bugs fixes: – MAJOR BUG FIX: Player Level was increasing at a much higher rate than it should have been, this has been fixed. All those who gained a high level from this bug will keep their high level (otherwise it would have meant dropping everyone’s level by a lot and that would have destroyed your Robots) – Cloud login should be more reliable – Spawn orientation has been improved so you don’t find yourself facing a wall sometimes Planned features \ fixes: – Garage – Hover Thruster Cube L1-L5 – Multiplayer Death Match – fixed round (this is an interim step towards Team Capture the Enemy Base) – Leaderboards – on the screens in the Mothership – More Robo Tips based on website poll


Improvements: – Cloud reliability improved – Cloud error reporting improved – Online “Match-making” changed so the algorithm that determines whether players go onto the new user server or the pro server is more dynamic now – Teleport cooldown lock removed in Sandbox and AI Bot modes so it’s easier to iterate your Robots Bug Fixes: – Target cross hair no longer stays green after you’ve aimed at an enemy and looked away – Teleport cooldown HUD now stays on screen and updates if you hold down the ‘E’ key whilst being shot – PlayerID HUD now clears itself properly if you look away quicky in the opposite direction – You can now remove the last item from a Depot Cart – The Buy Cubes button is now greyed out when the Depot Cart is empty – Destroyed Robots now teleport away more quickly Planned features \ Fixes: – Garage – Ed working on this, about 1.5 weeks away – Hover Thrusters L1-5 – Ric working on this, about 1.5 weeks away – Increasing Kill Chain bonus in multiplayer for low numbers of kills – this week – Removing earning RP & TP in AI Bots mode, changing this to ‘Practice Mode’ to focus on multiplayer – we want to get more new users into multiplayer fighting it out for RP etc – this week – Some more bug fixes – this week


A quick update release with a few bug fixes in it: – Target cross-hair now accurately reports when a target is in range by going green (previously it would say they were in range when they were not) – Laser Cannons no longer spin round 360 degrees when you least want them to and now always take the shortest route to get an angle on your target” – “Connecting to server” appear on screen whilst your Robot is loading from the cloud – previously you just saw an empty Mothership – Galaxy Cash in the HUD is now reported correctly when on Mars – Cloud error dialogue appeared behind some interface screens, it now always renders on top


FEATURES: – All data is now stored in ROBO-CLOUD – If you’ve logged in recently then your RP, GC and Cube Inventory is already in the cloud – Your TP, Tech Tree Unlocks, Player Level, Daily Bonus will be transferred into the cloud automatically – Your Robot stored in CubeSaveData.txt will be transferred to the cloud also IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’ve been using the trick\hack of copying CubeSaveData files to store different Robots, you need to make sure you’re favourite Robot is in place before you login for the first time as that is the one that will be transferred to the cloud, you will have to sacrifice the rest. – You can now have multiple different users play on the same PC with different logins – You can also login with your account on different PC’s and your cubes, Robot etc, will be there We have tested this release extensively, but there are just 5 of us devs so if you see any bugs please email them to or post them on the Tech Support forum. MINOR TWEAKS: – Laser Cannon barrels reduced in length slightly on the L4 and L5 so you can fit more on your Robots – Laser Cannon range for low level cannons increased, and high level cannons reduced slightly (high level cannons still have a larger range than low level ones though, but by less) – Recoil force on Laser Cannons reduced – Increased the torque and top speed of the Level 1 wheels – Increased the Robot ranking of the Helium cube to reduce the size of flying Robots in the Noob level.


FEATURES: – A few bug fixes – Noobs now start with a better Robot, still quite basic, but will at least take a couple of shots to kill – “NOOB BONUS” renamed to “BRAVERY BONUS” – Power of high level Laser Cannons reduced ‘slightly’ – Robot Ranking cost of high level Laser Cannons increased ‘slightly’


FEATURES: – NEW FEATURE: Teleport Cooldown. Player cannot teleport away whilst being shot at. When you’ve been shot you need to wait 10 seconds before you can teleport back to the Mothership. You also cannot teleport away in the first 10 seconds of arriving on Mars. – Mars map changes: More ramps down from cliffs, so you don’t need to try to drive off the cliff edges so much to get to the lower level, and some tweaks to the spawn points – Robot balance improved, so you should find taller Robots topple over less often – Robot Ranking’s changed, so you can build bigger Robots, players start with 3 at level 1 and go up to 15 at level 100 (was 2-10 before) – MAJOR BUG FIX: You were not getting enough RP from destroying Bots or Player Robots, this is fixed – MAJOR BUG FIX: Your RP’s earned in battle were not saving and passing through to the Mothership, this is fixed


MAJOR FEATURES: ROBOT RATING: Possibly an end to “lag-bots”? You cannot enter Online Battles or AI Bots unless your Robot is inside your maximum Robot Rating. Can you build an awesome winning Robot within the Robot Rating? MAX ROBOT RATING: increases as you Level Up. Robot Rating is 10.00 max at Level 100 LEVEL 100: Level 100 can now be achieved 8 PLAYER ON SERVERS: We’ve increased the number of players that can be on the Multiplayer servers to 8, we’ll increase it again to 10 shortly 2 SERVERS: We’ve now got 2 game servers. If your Robot has a ranking of 2.4 or higher you will be on the big guns server, if you’re under 2.4 you’ll be on the noob server OTHER CHANGES: Accuracy of Laser Cannons improved Daily Reward is now issued from the game server Fixed a big that stopped bots spawning after getting to around 25-30 kill count Made higher level bots spawn slightly earlier Increased range on Enemy Radars Fixed a bug where the Battle Event Stream HUD was not reporting how many kills each user had properly Improved collision on the wheels to help make them more stable when cornering and easier to put close together when building Robots Raised the height of the player camera when driving so your Robot gets in the way less often


FEATURES: – Camera now aims up so ground units can shoot air units more easily – BUG FIX: Sound effects for Jets, Lasers, Wheels and Music now present on Mars – BUG FIX: Player List HUD updates Kill Count correctly – BUG FIX: Battle Stream HUD shows your name correctly when you destroy other Robots


A big multiplayer update (Version 108). Main Features: – No more RP gems, you get the RP’s as you do damage automatically – NB: RP Collectors made obsolete and RP’s reimbursed – Player List HUD – Battle Event Stream HUD – Lasers SFX improved and render though the depth of field Other Fixes: – Noob bonus always awarded before repair as opposed to after so you don’t end up not being able to afford the repair – Game loads in background, so if you tab to another application the game will continue to load – Robots built with Helium cubes in a specific way are no longer indestructible – Mirror effects on Mothership floor are turned off on lower graphics settings which improves FPS quite a bit when building Robots


DAILY REWARD! – Each new day you play the game you receive 1000 RP’s TWEAKS & FIXES: – Added 2 x new L1 Bots called “The Ring” and “Monorail” – Extended the time the bots hang around after being shot to prevent them teleporting away whilst you’re trying to finish them off – Tweaked the sound effects when you unlock a new cube – Added a quick simple Pause Menu, press Escape to access – Quit game from Pause Menu – Increased the time between waves of Bots, so you see more of the mid level bots before you start getting the high level ones – Increased the time before Bots with guns start showing up to be a bit less mean to new users – Fixed a bug where some bots would become indestructible – Game options when you hit ‘E’ to ‘Battle Online’ (currently disabled) or ‘Fight Bots’ in preparation for the multiplayer launch – Shortcuts to ‘Battle Online’ (O) and ‘Fight Bots’ (B) – O is not yet functional – Fixed a bug which would cause the camera to go screwy during auto-repairs – Fixed a bug where two Laser Cannons would appear unlocked in a row in the Tech Tree when they were not


LAUNCHER: – Use the launcher to run the game from now on, and you’re game will always auto-update itself to the latest version – The launcher will only download the files that have changed since you last updated reducing your downloads and getting you the latest version faster – The launcher will repair corrupted files – if that ever happens – Latest news displayed in the launcher whilst it’s updating, click on the news and it takes you to the correct page on the blog TECH TREE: – Push ‘T’ to access the Tech Tree screen – Unlock cubes in the Tech Tree and they appear in the Cube Depot – Only RP can unlock cubes (you cannot use GC to unlock cubes in the Tech Tree) helping create a more level playing field between paying and non-paying users – Choose your route to power, which branch of the Tech Tree are you going to work down to – Adds a new monitor screen into the Mothership Other fixes and improvements: – Added Levels all the way up to 50 now. Who’s going to get to 50 first? – Added in a lot of extra Robomaster help for new users – Fixed the Bots that had no weapons at L3 and L4 including Ric 1, Carrier, and Wedge – Polished the Auto-Repair sequence so camera less bugged and timing improved – Added in new Bots from sent from the forum, thanks to Bubba, Phil, AgentL3r and ninjadude for those

NEW RELEASE 0.1.195 – RP Collector and Enemy RadarEdit

Main features are: – Bots Fight Back! – NEW CUBE: RP Collector L1-L4 cubes added to Depot – NEW CUBE: Enemy Radar L1-L3 cubes added to Depot – Loads more bots added, including those submitted by madattak and samo – Your Robot now gets damaged, only Chassis cubes get destroyed – Auto-Repair feature added – Some other tweaks: – Accuracy on Laser Cannons improved – Rotation speed of the Laser Cannons improved – Recoil and impact force on low level Laser Cannons reduced Some bug fixes: – Controls no longer screw up when you go back to the Mothership whilst looking down at your Robot (thanks spudymark for the repro on that) – Guns now aim where you’re pointing always, there was a bug were they would sometimes not track your cursor – Camera orientation when you get back to the Mothership is as it was when you entered the pilot seat


New Features and Content: – New huge Mars Level – Day and Night cycle added – get those Headlight Cubes ready – All textures and lighting improved on Mars – Frame-rate hugely improved by optimizing Physics for CPU performance – Frame-rate hugely improved by optimizing Rendering of AI Bots for GPU performance – Quality settings now have a much larger affect on improving frame-rate meaning that users can play the game on much lower powered PC’s – Added a new Level, you can now reach L14 – Lowered the cost of some cubes in the shop – partly because the larger level means you get RP’s a little slower now – Lowered the cost of Thrusters significantly – in response to feedback on the forums – Added a few more AI Bots – Some handling improvements on wheels, they are a bit too slider at the low levels still so will do more on this next week – Reduced download size from 80+Mb to 60Mb – in preparation for the auto-updater coming soon


New Features \ Content: – L1-L5 Thruster Jets – New sound effects for the Wheels, Thrusters and Laser Cannons – Added new level, you can now reach level 13 Bugs, Tweaks and Fixes: – Increases costs of items in the Depot – sorry about this one guys but you’ve got to admit, last week was a bit of a cube holiday we need to make sure we separate the dedicated players from the newcomers when multiplayer goes live so can’t have everyone on L5 laser cannons. – Tweaked the RP values needed to get to each level, some lower, some higher – Renamed Vacuum Cubes to Helium Tank to help newcomers understand their function better, also reduced the drag on them – CRASH FIX: Fixed a crash that occurred occasionally when shooting Robots


NEW STUFF: – New Laser cannons, L2-L5 – L2-L5 will destroy multiple cubes in one hit, the L5 packs a HUGE punch – Reduced costs of new cubes in the depot – Added new target HUD, which colors green to show when in range, and orange when you hit successfully – Target shows inaccuracy on weapons, accuracy gets worse when you hold down the fire button or when you’re moving – New Sound FX for the laser cannons – New Special FX for the laser cannons – Shooting higher level cubes now gives more RP’s BUG FIXES: – Fixed bug where you only got 10 RP’s when picking up RP’s of higher values – Fixed bug where chunks of the Robots randomly fell off as you shoot them – Fixed two major crash bugs – Fixed bug where AI bots would start going round in circles or drive into walls when you shoot them – Improved performance when shooting Robots


MAJOR NEW FEATURES: – Laser Cannons, you can now destroy other Robots using these; we’re confident you’re going to like these – 1 x Top Mount laser cannon L1 added to your starting inventory – Top and Front mount options are available in the Cube Depot – Robo points ejected from the AI bots as you destroy \ damage them; you get 1 RP for each cube you shoot – Putting multiple laser cannons on your Robots will seriously increase their fire rate as each laser will take turns firing OTHER NEW FEATURES & CONTENT: – Overhauled the Cube Inventory so it’s got a consistent presentation and function to the Cube Depot – Help dialogue pops up the first time you access the Depot and Inventory explaining the function of these interface screens (to help new users) – Slightly increased the movement speed of the player in build mode – Thrusters very slightly boosted in power – Added a couple of extra AI bots – Game now remembers the last cube you were holding when you return to Build Mode – RP costs of items in the Depot increased a bit as you’re getting hundreds more RP’s now you can destroy the other Robots BUG FIXES: – Bots no longer eject 1000 RP’s until you are at a high enough level, this is to prevent you jumping through multiple levels in one go – Cube cursor was appearing in the wrong place sometimes when building, this has been fixed – Cube sprites in the Depot and Inventory screens were being squished and cut off at the edges, they are now rendering correctly – Cube you are holding no longer intersects the ground or cubes in your Robot – Cheat console can no longer be accessed – Edge of world forcefield effect is no longer appearing on the floor on the planet surface – Head of Avatar no longer going through the floor when your Robot is upside down – Camera retains same position and orientation you left it in before you teleported to the planet surface – Depot screen no longer appears white in the Mothership when you return from the planet – Some situations where the game prevented you placing a cube when you should have been able to have been fixed

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