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A futuristic minigun

The Chainguns are a type of weapon, they act like futuristic mini guns with a short barrel spin-up time.


The Chains requires you to hold down the fire button to "spin it up". This means that the longer you hold down the fire button, the faster it will shoot, and therefore the more damage you output. The barrel takes 3 seconds to reach full spin speed, and 0.5 seconds to decelerate back to a halt.

The Chains will use a constant amount of power no matter how fast it is shooting. This means that the damage per power spent is very inefficient when the barrel is rotating slowly, but becomes extremely efficient when rotating at full spin speed.

Shots from the Chain are fired with a 4 degree spread.


Image Name Price Robit.png Health
Damage Per Hit Energy Consumption Per Second Single Gun Fire Rate Per Second Max Fire Rate Max Fire Rate Count
Chain Splitter 41,250 66825 165 660 13767 1883 9.6 12 2
Chain Shredder 162,500 131625 325 1,300 13767 1883 14 14 1

Pros And Cons[]


  • Both the Chain Splitter and Chain Shredder are highly energy efficient, allowing for much longer sustained fire than other weapons
  • A high and sustainable DPS (238411 for the Chain Splitter and 250300 for the Chain Shredder)
  • Damage of shot easily can degun gunbeds
  • Good amount of health for a single component
  • Hitscan


  • Although it is hitscan, the bullets are miniscule, so it wont hit as often as suggested against small bots
  • While the Chain Splitter is relatively mediocre in size, the Chain Shredder is quite large, making it easy to degun and be knocked out of combat
  • The Chain Shredder is the most expensive part in the game.
  • Both variants also have a large CPU count, meaning that using either variant is a heavy investment into weapons
  • Spin up time is rather long and inefficient, so careful planning is recommended
  • Quite inaccurate when compared to other weapons such as Lasers


Due to their high sustained DPS (Damage Per Second) and spin up time, the Chain weapons require a unique gameplay style to minimize their disadvantages and maximize their advantages. When using either of the chain guns, you must plan out your engagements accordingly to incorporate the long spin up time. During the weapons spin up time, it is vital that the user plays cautiously and does not enter a firefight to early, as they may be degunned and lose valuable damage which could of been used to tip the fight in their teams favour. Some general tips for managing the spin up time include:

  • Before going around a corner where you suspect an enemy is, hold down the mouse button and start the spin up so you're firing at almost max efficiency when you are ready to engage
  • Do not repeatedly spin up the gun in a short space of time, as you will lose precious energy which could be used for other engagements soon after your first one

Due to the very good DPS and energy efficiency of both the Chain Splitter and Chain Shredder, they are an ideal weapon for taking down large enemies with high health pools.

While they have great damage, their accuracy must also be accounted for, as it is quite poor at medium to long range engagements. The large 4 degree spread makes the Chain weapons well suited for medium-close engagements and can be quite reasonable at brawling when needed.

One other major factor is their incredibly large size when compared to other weapons. The Chain Shredder itself has the largest hit box in the game, making it not only hard to protect, but also a huge bullet sponge. Moderation of incoming damage is a must if you wish to keep your Chain Splitters/Shredders firing when engaging multiple enemies and supporting the team with suppressive fire.

All-in-all, both the Chain Splitter and Chain Shredder can be a formidable weapon due to their high, sustainable Damage Per Second, but require careful planning on when to engage the enemy, and for how long.