Chain Shredder Edit

Health Mass Damage Fire RateS Fire RateM
Total 146738.0 1300.0 11875.0 18.99 20.0
Per Cpu 415.501538 4.0 36.5384615 0.058430769 0.061538462
Per Robit 0.90300308 0.008 0.073076923 0.00011686154 0.00012307692

Weaknesses and Strengths Edit

Strengths Edit

  • It is very tough.
  • It has a high dps.
  • Low power consumption to dps when at full spin.
  • Counters the ghost module and the new bot type, the Shuriken.

Weaknesses Edit

  • It is HUGE.
  • It is very heavy. (Does have a smaller Variant though)
  • It takes a while to spin (spinning also drains as much power as firing with maximal rate of fire)
  • Most expensive in terms of robits and cpu cost.