• Each Cube has a CPU Load.
  • You cannot place more cubes than your CPU Power will allow for a single Robot.
  • Each Robot can fill up your maximum CPU Power.
  • You can see the CPU Load of each Cube by hovering over it in the Inventory, Tech Tree, or Cube Depot screens.

CPU levelsEdit

CPU is a measurement of allowable "load" on a robot in PetaFLOPS (pFLOPS). It limits the number of blocks in respect to their load. A player's level does not determine the total number of pFLOPS. Each player is granted 2000 pFLOPS no matter the level.

Wiki UseEdit

  • Type {{CPU}} to get Microchip24x20 or copy and paste Microchip24x20 but please don't spam it Microchip24x20
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