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Brawl isn't actually a gamemode in itself, instead, it serves as any gamemode the devs make it and said game mode lasts for 1 week before being changed once again.


Here is a list of various Brawls that had been made.

Rare Rumble[]

Dev's Comments:"Login to Robocraft and participate in our latest BRAWL – Rare Rumble. Designed as a great introduction to the Battle Arena game mode, Rare Rumble is a strictly no Epic and Legendary parts affair; you’ll need to build a Robot with rare parts or below to be able to participate."

  • BRAWL Name: Rare Rumble
  • BRAWL Description: Destroy your enemies on battlegrounds where legends will be born not played. In this Battle Arena BRAWL all Epic and Legendary parts are prohibited.
  • BRAWL Rules:
  • Game mode: Battle Arena
  • Map: All Battle Arena maps
  • Excluded parts: All Epic and Legendary parts – including both functional and cosmetic parts
  • BRAWL Prizes: First victory bonus – x2 XP + additional crate

Snipers Paradise[]

Dev's Comments: "In today’s mini update we have released an all new BRAWL titled Sniper’s Paradise! This new limited-time mode allows players to showcase their sniping skills with Rail weapons only and robots restricted to 1000 CPU"

  • Game Mode: The Pit
  • Map: Regular Pit Map Rotation
  • Max CPU: 1000
  • Permitted Weapons: Rail Piercer, Rail Penetrator, Rail Decimator, Rail Erazer and Rail Impaler
  • First victory bonus: x2 XP + additional crate

Flight & Fight[]

Dev's Comments: "In today’s mini update we have released an all new BRAWL auspiciously dubbed Flight & Fight! This new mode allows players to showcase their fight plane prowess in Battle Arena. Full details of the new mode are below:"

  • Game Mode: Battle Arena
  • Map: Regular Battle Arena Map Rotation
  • Permitted movement parts: Wings and Rudders only
  • Restricted Weapons: Aeroflak Sentinel and Guardian. Rail Piercer, Rail Penetrator, Rail Decimator, Rail Erazer.
  • First victory bonus: x2 XP + additional crate

Micro Bots[]

Dev's Comments: "We’ve shrunk things down for ‘Micro Bots’, our third community-created BRAWL. The Elimination mode BRAWL comes from the mind of community member Luam_the_elf and is a 500 CPU or below BRAWL ith only small weapons permitted – you’ll find no Chain Shredders or Proto-Seekers here!"

  • Game Mode: Elimination
  • Map: All Elimination maps in rotation
  • Number of Players: 10 v 10
  • Permitted Weapons: Laser Wasp, Plasma Pulser, Rail Piercer, Nano Binder and Tesla Slicer
  • Special Rules: All robots must be 500 CPU or below
  • Bonus: 2x XP + additional crate


Dev's Comments: "Last week’s Custom Games Mk1.5 update brought with it lots of new and exciting content, balance changes and improvements. As part of the update we introduced a new BRAWL, Micro-Mashings! This high-octane, wheel-based, 500 CPU or less BRAWL is all about the fast and the furious. So, party up and take your team into battle in this fast-paced game of Team Deathmatch where only one side will be victorious."

  • Game Mode: Team Deathmatch
  • Map: Helion Crater
  • Permitted movement parts: Wheels only
  • CPU limitations: 500 CPU or less
  • Weapon Energy Amount: All players have 10,000
  • First victory bonus: x2 XP + additional crate

Bullet Time[]

Dev's Comments: "Last week we released our first ever community-created BRAWL, Old but Gold. It was a great success and you guys loved it. So, how do you fancy another?

We’ve followed the white rabbit and entered the Matrix with the 2nd most voted for BRAWL designed by the players. Now it’s time for community member Khoakuma’s Bullet Time to enter the arena. The Team Deathmatch BRAWL is all about slow projectiles so expect to go all ‘Neo’ on your opponents with lots of bullet dodging."

  • Game Mode: TDM.
  • Map: Birmingham Power Station
  • Number of Players: 5 v 5
  • Excluded Weapons: LoML, PSK, Nanos, Ions and Tesla Weapons*
  • Special Rules: Auto-heal timer set to 15 seconds, all projectile speeds are reduced by 60%
  • Bonus: 2x XP + additional crate

Heavy Artillery[]

Dev's Comments: "Check your range and fire away with out latest BRAWL, Heavy Artillery that's now live! In this special ranged-combat BRAWL designed for Tank Tracks and Mech Legs, the weapons of choice are Plasmas and the recently released Gyro Mortar."

  • Permitted weapons: Plasma and Mortar only
  • Permitted movement: Mech Legs and Tank Tracks only
  • Permitted CPU: 1250 and above
  • Game mode: Battle Arena
  • First Victory Bonus: x3 XP and x1 crate