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Anti-aircraft cannon
An anti-air cannon.
~ In-game description

The Aeroflak Cannon is a weapon designed to damage and destroy aircraft with Extreme Prejudice. It's a job the weapon excels at. Even a pair of coordinated flak-bots are able to deny most of the maps Airspace from the enemy.


Aeroflak Cannons fire slow-moving projectiles. Enemies that are airborne (whether a flying helicopter or planes; a jumping sprinter, mech or insect; or a hover descending from a ledge) will trigger the Aeroflak Cannon's projectile to explode if near or if the robot is directly hit. The blast radius (see below) has a 21.3 meter radius. The amount of damage dealt by each explosion increases by a significant fixed amount, as long as each subsequent fire is within 1-2 seconds of the last one. After 10 subsequent successful hits, each within 1-2 seconds of the previous hit, damage dealt will stop increasing. Sound effects and visual effects also change in the same fashion with each subsequent successful hit.

AeroFlak Cannons are not recommended for planes and helicopters because AeroFlak Cannons are very heavy and large (see below); and Aeroflak Cannons in the air (even if very close to the ground) do not fire -they are completely disabled. AeroFlak Cannons on a helicopter or plane, will, however, fire if the bot descends back on to the ground.


Image Name Price Robit.png Health
Damage Per Hit Damage Per Stack Max Stacks Energy Consumption Per Shot Single Gun Fire Rate Per Second Max Fire Rate Max Fire Rate Count Blast Radius (m)
Aeroflak Sentinel 15,000 60,750 150 600 10,110 6,066 10 558 2.54 3.17 2 21.3
Aeroflak Cannon.png
Aeroflak Guardian 75,000 121,500 300 1,200 10,110 6,066 10 558 3.33 3.33 1 21.3


  • Aeroflak Cannons were added in the Aeroflak Update on the 13th January 2016.
  • Aerolak Cannons alternate shooting from each barrel on the weapon. If half the gun is behind an obstruction, the dps will be cut in half, but you will have the bonus of partial cover from adversaries.
  • The Aeroflak Cannon is possibly the largest component in the game. It is also one of the few hardware cubes with multiple connection points, such as legendary plates, Laser Leviathans and Ion Distorters.
  • The damage stacking effect was added in the Hallowfest 3 update on the 26th of October 2016.
  • Before the 2017 Aerofoils Update, flak cannons could fire if on an airborne bot but with reduced accuracy. This was removed so that flying bots equipped with AeroFlak Cannons would not have an extremely significant and unfair advantage against airborne enemy robots not equipped with AeroFlak Cannons.