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• 2/22/2015

With faith and hopes. Balancing issues and more

I really do love this game, and I honestly think it has great potential, but nevertheless there are so many balancing issues...I posted this on the steamcommunity as well since i do not know how to reach out to a dev or admin/mod of this game, I will also try my luck here.  Let's take a look at 2 main issues: 

1. The copter blates took away one of the most fun things to do; plasma bombers. They are not viable against copters which are flying at the same height and even pr greater speed. Helicopters are infantery/ground assistance!! they actually shouldn't reach a higher altitude than lets say 5 times hoover height, but i would be fine with 60-70 % of the one planes can achieve. Additionally they should defenitely not reach the speed of a plane/jet. At the moment a plane has no chance against a helicopter with smgs. It is unlogical to let those two fight at the same speed and height. THE HELICOPTER HAS OTHER ADVANTAGES. Anti-Air.craft should consist purely out of railguns and smg jets/ planes. That is enough to deal with bombers. 

2.: PLEASE USE WHAT MAKES YOUR GAME UNIQUE. AWARD SKILLED DESIGN. Elplates are a GREAT way of doing so!! Nevertheless: They are to weak. You should get each type of elplate (each form) for each different tier, and they should increase in defense! Currently they do not increase in defense/area and if they do, it's minimal. They need to tier up just as railguns tier up. It is incredible how easy they are destroyed by 1 railshot, which simultaneously takes out half of your bot. Okay let the electroplates be destroyed, but let them absorb all aoe/piercing dmg that would originate from an impact into the elplate! Atleast that! there are other smaller issues but those too would be a great benefit to the versatility and imersiveness of the game! 

I hope some devs will consider my thoughts on this since i hope this game will reach a more refined and balanced state at some point in time, at which it might be able to compete with other arena games. I am aware that these are just the first steps to make the playing experience more unique through out the development process, it will ofc. require other twists to in the end become a long running success, but I do understand that this is early access. 

On a sidenote; In the long run i could imagine a new biome, e.g. a forest map. This would additionally benefit the versatility of gameplay, as strategy would vary alot in a landscape which offers so much cover. I do understand however that this might not be in the scope of the developement as trees would add further issues (interacting/destructable terrain might be out of the budget). I could imagine way more for this game and thus will keep track of progres and base my ongoing support on whether or not steps are being taken in the right direction. 

With best regards, 

Deploid07. (by the way, maybe you could consider a possibility to change your nickname for GC?)

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• 4/22/2015

I love the forest idea. I really think there should be a water area, where certain wider ships and light ones can cross, but hovers can't, normally, unless they're small and light.

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